Should we ban the England band?

by admin

Friday, August 17th, 2012

What’s the worst thing about football? Is it the ticket prices? The obscene wages? Is it diving? Or is it even the behaviour of QPR badboy Joey Barton?

No. None of these can compare to the disgraceful monotony of the England Supporters Band.

Formed in 1993 at Sheffield Wednesday FC, the England Supporters Club has plagued the national team both home and away, at friendlies and international competitions.

We live without them at club level, why do we have to listen to the theme tune to the great escape, which let’s be honest, without a brass band is still an incredibly tedious jingle, for an entire 90 minutes.

I never thought I would have to say this about any band, but even One Direction have a more exciting repertoire of songs.

It dampens the mood, is utterly boring and does f*** all when it comes to inspiring the players. I will happily put my hands up in defeat if someone can show me evidence that Steven Gerrard plays better when he hears Rule Britannia from the stands.

One of the highlights of Euro 2012 was when the band had their instruments confiscated by stadium officials prior to the opening group game against France. So were the British public outraged? The answer was no. We couldn’t give a toss.

In fact it meant all those inside the stadium, and those watching at home, were able to enjoy a football match without a manufactured atmosphere of support.

One day, I hope, I can sit down to watch an England game, immersed in an atmosphere that is both exciting and colourful, without a brass band anywhere in sight.

I think it’s high time we banned the band.



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  • Mike

    Get rid of them ASAP
    They are doing my head in and they spoil the game.

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