All ego with nothing to show for it…

by James Daly

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Simon Jordan still being an arse six months after leaving Palace. Who’d have thunk it?

The former Eagles chairman threw his toys out of his orange pram last week at a creditors’ meeting, angry that CPFC 2010’s offer of 1p in the £1 wasn’t enough.

SJ reckoned the club could have been sold for more and hadn’t been marketed properly. This coming from the man who sold t-shirts claiming he’d bought Selhurst in 2005 when it became painfully obvious – especially now – that he had done nothing of the sort.

Or the man who oversaw an organisation that charged £30 for below-average second tier football, £40 for crappy replica shirts and had little to no understanding of its own customers.

Jordan will only receive £78,000 of the £7.8 million he has lost in Palace, and this is sad for anyone, but you can’t say the man didn’t have it coming: personally guaranteeing loans made in Palace’s name, mostly to an aggressive hedge fund company with a history or sending companies to the wall.

Still, after calming down a little, Jordan has promised worried fans he won’t chuck a spanner in the works of a takeover that appears to be very close.

‘The administrators didn’t want me on the [creditors’] committee – but I am and I need to make sure I help get the best deal for creditors,” he told the Daily Mail.

“But I don’t want to make things difficult for the administrators. I have seen first hand how much this club means to people. I don’t want to be the one who destroys Crystal Palace Football Club.”

The question is, do we believe him? He doesn’t exactly have a great track record of telling the truth. The Selhurst farce aside, he also promised home shirts would last at least two years so we “weren’t like Man Utd”. That didn’t happen.

He promised an overhaul of the food service at the ground. That didn’t happen.

So pardon me Mr Jordan if I take this with a pinch of salt.

“Okay, a large part of my wealth has been lost in this football club. In the end I got done over.

“But it will not be by my hand that Crystal Palace fails to agree a CVA or suffer any more sanctions. But I do think there is a better deal out there for creditors – whether that is the case remains to be seen.

“I always felt the difficulty for the administrator was what division the club would be playing in next season. There is now way the administrator could

have properly marketed the club without knowing which division they’d be in next season.

“I’ve always had reservations about some of the decisions the administrator has made.

“Since the administrators were called in, they have run out of funding, not managed to get any more funding, only found one bidder for the club and not sold their assets for full value, namely selling Victor Moses for next to nothing.”

“‘I’ve done my balls in for this club.”

Ouch. Still, it wouldn’t be unfair to deny the man some bitter resentment. He has, after all, lost is wealth and credibility with the Palace fans. I’m not sure which is more important to him.

“It will be very difficult for me to swallow if the club is bought for a fraction of the price. If that isn’t reason enough to be bitter, then how about this..?

“There was never really a place for me in football. I rubbed people up the wrong way, not because I wanted to but because I was prepared to fight for my football club.

“Am I emotionally detached from the club now? Well, I’ve not been to a game since the club went into administration.

“But at the same time, if you’d have watched me during the game at Sheffield Wednesday when we escaped relegation then you’d probably say “No”.

“In a certain respect I am detached. But I know that I’ve owned the club, support the club, fought and battled for the club every season.”

We’ll see, Mr Jordan. We’ll see…

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  • JJ

    Sj is a complete tool. Selling season tickets for the next 20 years then spending all the money! That’s why they are in such a mess. Palace used to be a club with such potential, a catchment area of over 1 million people. Now they will do well to stay in the Championship or even stay afloat

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