Sinclair to City? Not convinced

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

It really would be hard to turn down the chance to join Manchester City right now. Premier League winners, a star-studded squad and a very real chance of Champions’ League glory.

Yet, it is also hard to see why a player like Scott Sinclair could possibly want to go there.

Let’s just make this clear; this is not me casting doubt over his abilities as a footballer, there is no doubt there. Rather, it is more a question over the timing of such a move.

Despite his undoubted talents, Scott Sinclair is still a long way off being the finished article as a footballer, and certainly still has a lot to learn.

A successful international career is certainly not out of the question as far as those assessing the latest free soccer bets are concerned, but it must be remembered that he is actually yet to win his first cap for England.

Okay, he has represented his country at just about every youth level, as you would expect of a gifted player making his way through the ranks at Chelsea, and indeed, he has now done the very rare thing that is turn out for Great Britain at the Olympics. But there is still a long way to go.

It has to be remembered that last season was Swansea’s first in the Premier League, and whilst Sinclair has appeared for both Chelsea and Wigan at that level before, last season was his real big break.

To get into the Manchester City team these days, however, you need a bit more than a decent season with a promoted side.

In attacking areas, it is clear that Sinclair will be competing with the likes of Samir Nasri, David Silva, Yaya Toure and Adam Johnson for a place in the team. His chances will be limited. Like Johnson, his talent could be wasted.

Nothing quite beats playing week-in, week-out, which is precisely what he is getting at Swansea. Yes, there are bigger clubs out there, and a player has to be ambitious. But is a switch to the Etihad the right move for Sinclair right now? Would it not be career suicide?

Leaving Swansea could turn out to be a bad move for Sinclair, but there are plenty of other Premier League clubs who could give him a better chance of regular football than Manchester City could.

It is something he needs to sit down and think about. If the right offer comes in, it will be hard for the Welsh club to turn down, but if Scott Sinclair wants to force his way into the England set-up, he needs to assess whether a move to the league champions really is a good idea.

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