Sing Along – Part 2

by James Baker

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Last season, I wrote a piece that attributed a song to each Premier League team that reflected their current status or something that was going on at the club at the time. At the risk of going over old ground, I thought I would update the songs for the teams in this years Premiership with my current musings. Just to give you a flavour of some of my songs from last year we had Blowin’ in the Wind for Hull’s chances of staying up, Stoke were Livin’ on a Prayer and Bolton had the Ramones, I wanna be sedated! Well at least I was right about Bolton! Here we go again pop pickers.

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With Rwoy Hodgson at the realm anything is possible for Fulham. He worked miracles to keep them up, he worked even bigger miracles securing a top 7 finish last term. I could go for The Jackons Sisters, I Believe in Miracles or how about Tom Jones’ Gwreen Gwreen Grass of home.


After witnessing the Toffee men on Sunday at Upton Park, I was left with the over-riding feeling that they really are an awful team to watch. They won the game on Sunday scoring with their first 2 shots and then had 1 more before the end of the game. Jimmy is a little bitter you may say. Well, I suppose I am but they really are an ugly team and they love a foul or two. I sat there (Un)comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.


Have been a little inconsistent this year. They can beat Chelsea one week and then get taken to the cleaners the next by Portsmouth. Under Martinez, they are playing an entertaining brand of football. Titus Bramble has had his detractors over the years but he seems to be having a very good season. So Titus, (B)ramble On by Led Zeppelin.


Sorry Blackburn fans, I am going to be rude about your team as well. Now I can’t say that I take too much time to watch Blackburn because I usually find it quite painful. Any team managed by Big Sam is, in my opinion, quite painful to watch. Shame on those of you who wanted him to be England manager! You know who you are!!! Anyway, football is supposed to be played on the floor according to the late, great Brian Clough and not in the air. Well, don’t haunt Ewood Park, Brian. In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins for Blackburn. Or in the air in the afternoon, Sunday lunchtime or any time Sam’s team are playing.


Birmingham have made a solid but low key return to the top flight. They are a good unit but look as though they will find it hard to come by goals this season. How sick they must have been by the diving antics at Anfield on Monday night. There is only one song from the brummie boys this week. The one man on the tip of their tongue this week. Come on chaps, your best French pronunciation is needed here. Wake Me Up Before You Ngog Ngog, Wham. Sorry!

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