Sod the 20/20, it’s all pointing towards 2010

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The papers this week have been glowing about England’s win against Pakistan in the 20/20 even though they were humbled by the Dutch cloggers on Friday, the cricket equivalent of Andorra.

Fabio meanwhile has a flawless 100% record qualifying record along with Spain & Holland, more goals than any other nation and well on course for South Africa and still he’s getting stick.

The headlines on Sunday said it all, not good enough, outplayed by Borat’s lot. Sorry, 4-0 away from home against anyone is good enough in my book, especially after flying further than ever before for a game at the end of a hard season on a below par pitch against 11 players who quite frankly were up for the game of their lives. I fancied 3-0 so the extra pen was the icing on the cake, which Frank dually put away. Actually, I always pick on Lampard but he has been fantastic lately so credit where it’s due fatso!

The Kaz came bursting out of the traps and the Serging (shovel-mosh)Ostapenko caught a nervy Glen Johnson in the first 20 seconds and we were nearly walking in a Pearcy San Marino blunder-land. Ok, not ideal but these things happen, look at The FA Cup final last week, with England’s captain Johnny in the midst of it all again. They hardly threatened much after that, one free kick which was offside, Greeno didn’t even bother going for it once the whistle went.

Up the other end, after the initial half hour, we easily took control and the goals came, like they do in most England matches. Look at the previous games, Fabio usually spots the oppositions weaknesses in the first half hour and then makes his amendments to the formation and tactics and we get the job done in the 2nd half of the game. It is the Italians way and up to now, it is the proved dynamite. 6 out of 6. This was the kind of game that lesser managers would have come away with a lucky 0-1 or  even a 0-0 (Macedonia?).

Capello actually said some of his orders fell on deaf ears due to the noise generated by the fanatical Kaz fans but we won comfortably without even breaking sweat in the 2nd half. Unlike the typical Italian way, we are scoring bucket loads too, 20 so far (although we have our hardest 3 games still to come). Still, you can only beat what’s in front of you.

People are pointing out that we were terrible when up against Spain but they managed just a couple of decent shots on target. Both went in yes but one was a terrible mistake but C-teamer Jagielka, which was then exploited with an amazing dribble by Villa. We had the shots and goal line clearances too. Fabio knows Spain are the benchmark and to win next year, he will be looking closely at the way Chelsea played against Xavi & iniesta. Venables did the same in 96, watching favourites Holland, months before we were even paired with them, he saw them as the team to beat. Maybe Spain’s brilliance will help England? The temptation to build them up as champs has been the case in previous tournaments but Spain are massive faves now, they are the ones under pressure.

As for tonight, we could probably get a result with under21s playing. Andorra will park the bus in front of goal and rough us up but we should knock another 4 past them. Barry is suspended which will give Fabio a chance to try something different. I didn’t think Barry had his best of games on Saturday, despite the goal so he won’t be missed. I’d like to see us really go at Andorra, especially if we go a goal up before half time. Play 3 up front with Ashley Cole on the left of Rooney and Crouch or Wright Phillips. Cole and Glen should be overlapping as much as poss because we won’t have much to worry about at the back. Why not try something different out?

On a slightly diferent note. England’s back-up 66 heroes will be honoured before the game tonight with their World Cup Winners medals. About bloody time, to think it has taken nearly half a century to get it done, let’s hope the current heroes give them another game to remember, tonight and next summer.

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  • Tef1on

    I’m enjoying the Twenty/20

    But i do agree with a win is a win no matter what the score and against who!

  • dexylongshot

    I think another 4 -0 tonight will do the trick. There is talk that becks will start in quater-back type roll spraying across to theforward line. Knowing Andorra, most of the action will be in there half anyway and with all the fouls they give away, it will be free kick central. I’m about to have a punt on a Becks goal. I might see what a Rooney brace gets us as well.

  • dexylongshot

    Becks to score at any time….6/5

    Possibly the stingiest odds of all time,
    that includes 100/1 for a jammy Andorra 1-0 win

  • Peter

    My Sunday league team could give Andorra a good game.

    We should win this game by at least 6.

    You can afford to play 1 at the back with 1-5-5 formation and batter the hell out them, have they ever scored a goal?

  • Tef1on

    they scored a penalty last game

  • Peter

    who would win between San Marino and Andorra? In other words, who is worst?

  • Tef1on

    San Marino are worse… unfortunately! I think they are great, i’d apply for a San Marino Passport just for giggle so i can play international football!

  • dexylongshot

    The worse opposition I can ever remeber, did you see the interview with Greavsie at half time, classic, “Me and the boys (66 b’s) could do a job on them”! get him back on the telly. We should get a UKFF petition to reinstate them back on the box on Saturdays.

  • Tef1on

    Had to league at Jimmie that was classic! “the worst team in the world” hahaha, What a legend!

    I think Rob Green Deserves a HUGE shout for last nights performance of singing the national anthem! He really put passion into it!

  • Tef1on

    Laugh* not League*

  • dexylongshot

    Greeno!!! Greeno!!!

    6-0, Rooney brace, records falling everywhere, clean sheet. The growing emergence of Glenda as an attacking threat, (4 assists!!). He was fantastic last night. A shoe in for the squad now at right back or right wing, he did more than Theo who still doesn’t look match fit to me, hopefully a few games at the Under 21s will get him in shape. We can get it all wrapped at Wembley against Slavs Croats with 2 games to go and Greeno can sing his heart out again!

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