Sorry Spurs will never learn will they?

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Seven weeks ago, Arsenal were seventh in the league, struggling for form, in a serious crisis, and on a run of 3 consecutive league defeats. They were a staggering 12 points behind third-placed, north London rivals Tottenham, who at the time, were fooling themselves believing they were Premier League contenders.

However, the Gunners are enjoying their best form of the season with six wins on the spin, which have seen them take 18 points, scoring 19 goals in the process. The confidence is back, the football is typical Arsenal, the goals are flowing and they are even winning ugly.

With a minority of Arsenal fans, including myself calling for Wenger’s head, the team and the Gunners boss have once again proved that form is temporary, class is permanent. This is a concept that the Spurs team and fans will never quite be able to understand.

Granted, there’s still 9 games of the season remaining but with Arsenal’s current momentum and Spurs’ distractions in the FA Cup, Chelsea look to be their biggest challengers for the 4th Champions League spot, which makes Saturdays game at Stamford Bridge a crucial one. Lose, and the West London outfit will be only 2 points behind.

If, Arsenal do finish 3rd, ahead of Chelsea in 4th, and Spurs miss out, I would like to see what the over cocky North London outfit have to say for themselves. No doubt the ‘our pitch is greener than yours’, or ‘our programs have more pages than yours’ taunts will come out. But deep down, Arsenal fans will just laugh it off as per usual and concentrate on Manchester United, who are, and always have been, our real footballing rivals.



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  • Iain

    Lol you Gooners are obsessed with Spurs aren’t you?

  • king gooner

    wrong iain’s the spuddies obsession with us-why would we be obsessed with the perrenial under acheivers who for the last 17/18 years have failed to finish above us or win the prem?logic states it’s s***rs obsession to overcome those who are ABOVE YOU!

  • Groobler

    Aresnal fans need to stop posting about Tottenham if they really want to heighten their sense of delusion that Manchester United are their main rivals. You’re obsessed my friend, and for that, I pity you

  • King Joe

    Getting obsessed with Spurs diminishes our status. Let’s get obsessed with our real and only competition in the EPL, Man U. We need to recover lost grounds starting sadly from next season.

  • Damon

    Man Ure are no longer your rivals, I think you have to admit it is us, Liverpool and Noocastle now. Chelsea will regroup and spend and the 2 Manchester clubs will pull away with them. You are a club with no ambition other than to finish in the CL and recoup money. Your manager has pretty much admitted it and you fans know it. Deep down you do. So smile all you like it still comes down to the peak of your season finishing above us. Oh how the mighty (arrogant) have fallen.

  • Michael

    I totaly agree with Damon.

    Arsenal fans are deluded if they still see man u as their biggest rivals.
    Sooner or later RVP will be sold so wenger can make a profit and then were will the goals come from.

    Arsenal fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. They were once a club who set their sights on the tittle and CL now all that matters is finishing above spurs. Tut tut

  • John

    Erm, Damon, how is your club, assuming it’s the Spuds, more ambitious than Arsenal? Let’s face it you’re in a similar boat to us; not really able to compete with the financial doping at Citeh and Chelsea or the riches of Manu. All in all, we are doing quite well, a lot better than you lot. In all honestly, I hope you and us finish in the top 4. I don’t like the Spuds, for rivalry sakes, but I do have a lot more respect for your club than Citeh or Chelsea.

  • Damon

    John I never said it was, if you read what I said we are rivals now and therefore yes in the same boat. The same can be said that we are doing quite well, fighting for 3rd, QF of the FA cup, just as well as you lot if not better until we get knocked out of the FA Cup. All this p*nis measuring is irrelevant now for us and only really for the “mega” clubs. Unfortunately being a wealthy club in your own right with good management is not enough. As for my comments I was just stating that you (like us) are quite a way off, or one oligarch, away from competing and that unfortunately is just how it is.

  • SP

    So ARSEnal had three consecutive defeats and Spurs didn’t ‘learn’ – now Spurs have had a similar blip, maybe you should learn from Spurs ‘not learning’ and pipe down a touch.

  • JP

    the most annoying thing about is spurs fans is the fact their history is no were near arsenals and they actually have nothing to shout about but they are always boasting about being better or closing the gap on arsenal when their not and in the last 15 years the bes they have done is come 4th still behind arsenal.

  • Toby

    As a Spurs fan, I’m impressed with the late rally that Arsenal have made.

    However, with a good few last min winners and yesterday’s awful decision to disallow the Everton goal it must be said that Arsenal have had a consistent run of luck that’s contributed 9 points.

    But hats off, your team is organic and you’ve bought no success and perhaps you deserve it.

    That said, I’m not going to suggest that you should get too confident because Spurs do possess quality and won’t fall to behind

  • Arsenal Will Def Win CL

    Thanks for reminding us that winning six games on the spin gets you 18 points, that’s important, because it’s really hard to comprehend. A little like it’s hard to comprehend how “the football is typical Arsenal… even when they are winning ugly”. Do you mean that Arsenal are typically ugly?

    I also don’t understand why you were calling for Wenger’s head if you believe form is temporary but class is permanent. Is Wenger class, or not? Was he class when you called for his head?

    Let’s all hope that Arsenal can now cling on to their glorious position 15 points behind their real rivals, rather than one above the team that are still in a cup competition (with a decent shout of winning it) and a certain goalkeeper recently told the papers he was “desperate” to beat.

    Then next season we can see RVP in the white of Madrid and Arsenal can again put together “the best form of the season” late on in an attempt to finish higher than seventh.

  • nick

    How any spurs fans can call a arsenal fan deluded is beyond me. All season all we have heard is mind the gap crap…if you can’t take it back don’t give it out simpe. We only need 2 quality signings and we will challange for the title next season without a doubt

  • Mystical Mike

    Arsenal are in the best financial situation out of anyone. They are, and have been rebuilding for years. The stadium is almost paid for, the debt is almost cleared and they soon will be in a fantastic position to attract top class players again.

    Sadly for the Spuds, even if you do build a new stadium, it will take you another 15 years to almost the gap.

    Only way Spuds can finish above Arsenal consistently is if a Russian billionaire throws loads of money at you. If that does happen, then your so called Chaz and Dave history will be banished for good.

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