South Africa for The Cup, no ta…

by Dexy Longshot

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Is it coming back home?

Joseph S Blatter said last week that 3 other countries have been contacted over the possibility of staging the next World Cup in 2010 if South Africa is suddenly hit by some nasty natural disaster or if they encounter problems which will make it necessary for them to have it moved.

“I have spoken to three possible, not only possible, but three associations and countries that would be able to stage the World Cup in one years time. They need one year to prepare”

Sounds like Blatter is bricking it to me & it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that England are probably one of those 3 (about time an all). Along with the yanks and possibly Spain (especially after their recent showing in the Euros), I reckon we might have good chance over both of them but what possessed the FIFA dons to pick SA in the first place?

The expansion of The World Cup from a 16-team tournament to 32 over the past 10 years is something Blatter may have overlooked (how much does this knob earn???) when he plumped for SA. The country is well behind in its preparation for the tournament although you would never have guessed it if you listen to the drivel their media machine spits out. Sound bites have been coming out saying all is fine, the huge workforce will have no problems getting all the stadia built on time; well they would say that wouldn’t they, they need this tournament more than anything. With the World Cup in SA, the struggling economy would be transformed overnight. At the moment, the crumbling infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired and the logistical problems are already a nightmare. As for the huge workforce, is this the same one who have downed tools twice already on the building projects? If FIFA had to give it to the Dark Continent, why didn’t they consider Egypt or Ghana who both have had excellent African nations tournaments in recent years? The mind boggles but this is the Seppmeister after all, the modern days Moses who wants to free the Slaves, the man is priceless.

SA 2010

Apart from South Africa actually getting the stadiums finished, the major worry for me is the level of crime in the country. In Germany 06, I was one of the 1000’s of traveling fans who spent 3 weeks on the outskirts of Dortmund in a field accompanied by fellow supporters from every nation there. 24 hour footy talk, searing heat, extreme hay fever, Currywurst & Sauerkraut with singsongs till dawn. It was one of the best times of my life. I kipped in a manky 4-man Morrison’s tent & used it as a base camp, driving all over the country to various games and fan fests. The only times I felt in danger was when the local Lidls ran out of Bittburger bevies and when my mate Babycham Briggsy was going through a particularly nasty bout of the runs in said tent.

I doubt I would feel the same level of security in a tent in South Africa and I ain’t talking about the local wildlife getting into my sleeping bag. I have never been to the country and am usually the first person to say, don’t knock something until you try it but I’ll make an exception. The UKFF bossman was out there last year and reliably informed me of the way South Africans live. Its simple, most rich people reside in there nice secure complexes with armed 24 security (it’s one of the booming business’s in SA don’t you know). Outside, the rest are living in squalid conditions doing all they can to survive and I mean anything, mugging, robberies, murder. South Africa is the crime capital of the world. The stats are beyond belief with an average of 50 murders a day, credit card corruption is rife and don’t get me started on rape. Just think what the undesirables can get up to with millions of wedged up fans coming into the country. How on earth did they get it?

Hopefully, as the date edges closer, Blatter will finally admit he got it wrong so another country can step in, hopefully my own. Why shouldn’t we get the nod? We have plenty of Stadiums that could take over with just a year’s notice with ease. The Premiership plays arguably the most exciting football in the world and our teams are among the worlds finest with our current league champions also the Kings of Europe. The other 19 ain’t bad either. Our 2nd string leagues would probably be stronger than most others countries first with only a few exceptions across Europe and South America. We have the most recognisable football player on the planet in Becks and we have supposedly the greatest stadium in World Football with a roof that doesn’t shut proper. We could even co host it with the other home nations to spread the load and give them some entertaining football to watch (joke), but I mostly want it here because it will save me a packet and I won’t need injections.

So is it finally coming home or is this simply pressure tactics by the Sepp, dishing out a kick up the Khyber to the work-shy slackers in SA, much like Platini’s less than positive comments on Ukraine co-hosting the Euros in 2012 with Poland. Let’s hope it does come home, remember what happened last time we had it! plus automatic qualification will save us the the embarrassment of Slav turning us over again and not being involved at all.

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  • Darren

    South Africa is actually one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yes it does have it’s crime problems but so do we. If you are going to the WC then obviously stay away from the townships.

    The idea behind letting a country like SA host a major event is obvious. It’s not all about Europe and in todays society everyone is deserves a chance. An event like this will put SA on the map. We all know the history and how far behind they are, but this is a real chance for them to move forward.

    I for one can’t wait, hopefully I’ll have a chance to go as my ex lives in Joberg.

    And for the record, Sep Batter and Platini hate England, so there’s no way they will give us a tournament.

  • Jamie Farrier

    I can’t really comment on SA as I’ve never been, but it does sounds like a bit of a mixed bag to me. The decision to award SA the tournament was incredibly politically correct, but at the time it seemed justified because of big arrival of African football to the world; the African Nations tournament was getting bigger, and Senegal had shocked the world in showing what previously considered ‘minnow’ nations can do.

    I can’t quite bring myself to agree with the point the article though. I reckon we’d feel much more comfortable given the chance to bid for the right to host the 2018 tournament rather than be ushered in at the last minute and expect us to pull a rabbit from a hat. Everyone needs to be in the mindset that they’re going to host a World Cup – that’s why it’s decided so many years in advance.

  • Darren

    I’m with Jamie, the last thing we want is to be forced into rushing hosting a tournament. We all know we have the best grounds and the most passionate fans in the world. If we messed it up Blatter would only say I told you so.

    Although you think it’s a politically correct decision, but lets not forget, we are talking about a country where black and white are not treated as equals, even in the year 2008 South Africa is still way behind the rest of the world. Anyone who has been will tell you that the blacks are still not treated the same as the whites. The whites still have black servants working for them. All the low paid jobs are taken by the blacks. It will take at least 2 generations before the blacks are educated enough to have good jobs. I’m not trying to start a political debate here all I’m saying is if there is one thing that can can bring people together it’s football. And the World Cup is a great way to help eradicate some of South Africa’s horrendous history and in the process give people a chance to see what a truly beautiful country it really is

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