Specs, Lies and Video Replays

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Has Wenger lost the plot?

Do you remember when Wenger arrived at Arsenal way back when? The days of new exciting signings such as Dennis Bergkamp and company tipped the scales on the Premiership balance of power and made Arsenal a formidable force. And those spectacles! Those googly-eyed pint glasses were comedy gold. He seemed to be a walking advert for anyone quoting the famous line, “he should’ve gone to Specsavers.” Perhaps Arsene did indeed go to said opticians, and was duly told that no, Mr. Wenger, you no longer require those awful lenses – try these contacts instead. They’re specially designed to pick up the minutest details if opposition dare so much as raise a stud, but here’s the clever bit: offsides, fouls and illegal moves by anyone in an Arsenal shirt will be automatically glossed from your view. So you need never worry about being confronted about it in post-match interviews ever again!

Let’s just get this straight. Arsene Wenger has absolutely no grounds for complaint over Stoke City. Perhaps he’s making a crude and opportunist attempt to deflect away from the fact that his team lost. At Stoke. To Rory Delap throw-in goals. In fact, perhaps this entire exercise is a smoke-and-mirrors campaign to make his princes of Ashburton Grove feel better about themselves. They’ve already lost to Fulham and Hull, managed to salvage a point against Sunderland and, of course, blew it all away to Tottenham. They’re lucky to be just six points off the lead, but again it’s the same old Arsenal; all style and no substance, and dropping points against teams where it should be a safe banker for them to take all three.

Let’s have a look at some facts. Stoke engaged in some challenges which could be seen as poor, depending how you look at it, but they only warrant cards on the pitch not criticism off it. Theo Walcott injured his collarbone in the resulting fall – if it was his leg that was shattered by the tackle, we might have a fair bit of sympathy for Wenger. However, the fact remains that the manager of Arsenal accusing opposition players applying dirty tactics to their game is no less than black pots and kettles at ten paces. It was Robin van Persie who was sent off in that game for a ridiculous and unnecessary shoulder charge. As a result, Arsenal and Stoke are very evenly matched in the disciplinary stakes – The Potters have only three more yellows to their name than The Gunners. And who can forget Arsenal’s dreadful record in past times? Patrick Viera made it his prerogative to get sent off at least once every season he played at Highbury, amassing eight reds in total – a non-feat only matched by Duncan Ferguson. Lest we forget also the bruisers such as the likes of Adams, Gould and Keown. The 2001/02 season should’ve been Arsenal’s darkest days, with 63 yellows and 6 reds giving them the second worst disciplinary record that year. Yet Arsene can be proud though, as they won the double that season. And they say that crime doesn’t pay.

Arsene Wenger deserves credit for going the distance and worked with and Arsenal team who have won the Premiership on several occasions, toppling Ferguson on several occasions. I for one though am sick and tired of his post-match rantings when he can’t help but fail to identify the faults within his own camp and admit that his team are still not on title-winning form.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I actually think most Arsenal fans would agree with you on many points, except the signing of Dennis Bergkamp was actually made by Bruce Rioch.

    I friend of used to take so many drugs he didn’t know what day it was, his darkest days are behind him now, if he hears of anyone taking drugs he is the first person to have a moan, ‘what a loser’ he will say, erh, pot kettle black mate? Which is exactly what Wenger is doing, we were the dirtiest side in Europe, we used to out Bolton Bolton, teams would dread playing us, it wasn’t the best football to be honest, but the game was won before a ball was even kicked.

    We all know that Wenger has made his new Arsenal a very exciting team to watch, after all we were boring Arsenal were we not?

    After the Stoke game Wenger gave an excellent interview which won him respect, he admitted we were beaten by the better team on the day, but two days later he totally retracted what he said and started blaming the defeat on poor tackling? Why does he have to do this? He is scared that the Spuds are getting more press at the moment?

    I love Wenger and still can’t understand all the dickheads who want him replaced, however, I do fear that he is starting to show psychological weaknesses, has Fergie finally got to him? Or does he miss Alan Pardew? Either way something is not right and it needs to be addressed asap!!!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    I didn’t see it!

  • Stevie

    I was making a cup of tea!

  • tef1on

    We had a game today?

  • jackie emu

    As much as though southgate is a work in progress I’d have wenger at Boro tomorrow I reckon 99% of teams in the world would.

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