Sports – A time and motion study

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Sports – A time and motion study
Watching sport takes up a lot of our lives. But have you ever wondered how much ‘sport’ you actually watch compared to the number of adverts and breaks? Or considered what the players you are watching manage to fit into those minutes of actual in-play time. We did, so we did some research and created this infographic comparing four major ball sports: American football, soccer, basketball and rugby union. We’ve looked at and compared how much time the players actually spend playing the sport in each game, how long it will really take you to watch the game and what one minute of action costs you verses how much the players earn in that time. Then we’ve taken a deeper look into the games themselves, covering what actually happens in each game and some impressive individual performances. So now you sports lovers and stats fans can have an idea of just how many tackles, passes, runs and goals you will see in a match before you start watching.

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Sport - a time and motion study
Sport – a time and motion study by Watches2U.

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