Spurs bubble broken by lost bottle once more?

by Keith O'Connell

Friday, April 9th, 2010

So it’s that time of year again, when the Premier League takes a back seat, and we kick back to enjoy the excitement and romanticism of F.A. Cup semi final weekend.

Ok, I know I know, it’s not what it used to be, and unless you support one of the four teams that are still involved, it is of little more importance to you than the League Cup.  Well, let’s suspend disbelief and pretend that we care, and maybe (hopefully) it’ll be gone all the quicker?

Sadly, the first of the two ties, Chelsea Vs Aston Villa, bears out this disillusionment.  Here are two teams who will take it in turns to lump the ball, and each other around the park in the most physical, cynical and direct way possible, attempting to squeeze every drop of excitement out of this great sport.  It is bound to be an ultra tight 1-0 or 2-1 win to Chelsea, leaving Mad Martin O’Neill hopping mad with dismay at the final whistle.  This tie depresses me so much that I’m going to ignore the horrible hors d’oevres and skip straight to the main course.

Instead of being a drab and parsimonial affair, the romance and lustre of the cup should be restored no matter who the victor is, as Avram Grant’s doomed Portsmouth side take on Happy Harry’s Hastily Honed Hotspurs.  On paper, Portsmouth do not stand a chance.  As a wise man once said, it is a good thing the game isn’t played on paper, otherwise we’d have all given up on it out of sheer boredom a long time ago.  After a brief revival and a couple of wins, this skeleton crew hotchpotch of players are circling the drain at the bottom of the Premiership, shorn of points and with only pride left to play for.  Tottenham on the other hand are having a fine season, even if it appears that their knees are going all trembley even before they are anywhere near Wembley this time.  Having so far either matched or exceeded the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Villa in the race for that final Champions League spot, they threw in a howler of a performance away to Sunderland last week that have led many to believe that if their bottle has not already gone, it is wobbling precariously as they approach the business end of the season once again.  I suppose having to rely on a rag tag bunch of perennially injured defenders and a Russian carthorse up front will catch up with any squad eventually.  At least they won’t have the embarrassment of lasagne induced runs spoiling the party this time.  Oh how we laughed ourselves to bits, when Tottenham got the shits…

Once again though, this is the F.A. Cup, so we can throw the form book out of the window.  They may be financially imperilled and shorn of the majority of their marquee names, even struggling to even fill a substitute bench at times, but the one thing Honest Harry left his former charges with was no small amount of pride and fighting spirit.

So let us not write the epithets just yet.  In contrast to the first of the two clashes, we have a potential classic on our hands to wile away a sunny Sunday afternoon, and who would bet against your favourite ex-Gooner and mine, Nwankwo Kanu scoring the goal that break Spurs hearts once more?

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  • Squirrel

    Still laughing at the Barca drubbing and another season without a trophy.


  • nicktheyid

    :-)) :-)) Still hurting over the ‘Barcelona result’, are you? :-))

  • Roy Singh

    If Spurs do not improve their performance as against Sunderland, then they can kiss their FA Cup hopes goodbye

  • Dan Mac

    Bloody hell!!! We’ve lost our bottle? We had 3 players out of position and our 5th + 4th choice centre backs away at a team who’ve been playing really well at home the last few weeks. We hadn’t lost a game since February and had won 5 in a row in the league… we weren’t ever likely to win every game up to the end of the season, we were due a bad performance and I think most Spurs fans – on seeing the line up for the Sunderland game at least – were expecting it in this game!! Bottle can be confirmed as gone if we get spanked in our next 3 games, not because we lost one!

  • dexylongshot

    “Spurs bubble broken by lost bottle once more?”

    Let’s hope so ehh!

  • Keith O’Connell

    Squirrel – You only wish your rag tag mob of over played ponces were good enough to even merit the chance at being humbled by Barcelona. I will forever be proud that we were even in the position to be the subject of such a majestic master class, rather than swimming with the also rans.

    Nicktheyid – read the above comment, which pretty much answers your question. If you cannot read between the lines, the answer is no. I’d much rather a 4-1 drubbing against the best team in the world when we were actually in the game and had a few chances to come back into it, than a 3-1 capitulation against a bottom half of the table, narrowly safe from relegation “form” team.

    Dan Mac – I hear you about players out of position and injuries. As with Arsenal, I think the answer is to recruit some less injury prone players, especially in defence. Both clubs seem to have one thing in common (aside from locality), which is a penchant for signing the most breakable players in the world. If there was a prize for this, North London’s finest would surely be scrapping it out year after year.

  • nicktheyid

    Keith – The effort in your replies obviously shows one thing.
    You’re still hurting too! 🙂

  • Keith O’Connell

    Hell, no one likes losing 4-1, do they? The day I take defeat sportingly on the chin is the day I give up on football!

  • Keith O’Connell

    Hhmmm… Intersting to note that the team that did us 4-1 has gone on to beat an expensively assembled Madrid team 2-0 at their gaff, whilst the team that murdered Spurs lost 1-0 to relegation haunted West Ham.

    Football eh?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    almost spot on keith! Oh how we laughed, how much have they spent in the last 3 seasons?

  • Keith O’Connell


    I don’t like to say i told you so, but in a brief moment of journalistic hubris, you heard it hear first…

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