Spurs – Champions League… you’re ‘avin a laugh!

by Teflon

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Are Spurs an even bigger laughing stock than Newcastle?

The cries of “Dimitar Berbatov” coming from the Fart Hart Lane crowd are slowly fading… The chants of “Keano” have already shifted 200 miles north to Liverpool… And for some bizarre reason Ramos spent £16.5 Million on Modric from Dinamo Zagreb, a team that in all fairness would have taken £6 million for him.

Robbie & Raffa

I speak to a lot of Spurs fans (not through choice) and after last season’s Mickey Mouse Cup win they suddenly think they are Champions League material, Hell… even Giovani Dos Santos left what would be a 1st team Barcelona starting place to come play for the mighty Spuds, stating “It is a dream for me to come to a big club like Spurs”. I’m sorry Giovani… WHAT?!?! Leaving a starting spot at Barcelona to play for… Spurs… in their amazing up to date 36,000 capacity Sunday league ground? Did you go to school on a big yellow bus?

With Dimitar looking to run off as fast as he can, and Robbie already relocated his Caravan to Liverpool, the front line of this squad now consisting of Darren Bent and Giovani dos Santos. Now, does anyone apart from Ramos actually think this team could challenge for anything but the League 2 crown?

Steed Malbranque & Younis Kaboul also looking to Jump ship to Sunderland, Chimbonda and Gardner have left for Sunderland and Hull respectively, Czerny and Robinson have gone and the much criticized sale of Defoe to Portsmouth last season has left Spurs fans now questioning Ramos’s intentions. They want Arshavin, David Villa and David Bentley, but even most Spurs fans know that they are not a big enough club to pull that sort of talent to the club.

I can only see troubled times at Tottenham this season. Ex players and Fans such as Les Ferdinand who spent 6 years at Spurs stated this week “I’m scared about what the future holds because what’s happening is far from ideal” Speaking about Bent he said “Darren needs space in behind, But would he get you 20 goals a season? Someone will have to because Keane and Berbatov leaving is a massive loss” As you can see he is obviously lacking confidence in Darren’s ability (who isn’t?).

It is worrying (for a spurs fan) if they start the season with no more signings, to start the season with such little fire power will only result in the same start as last season. I wouldn’t be surprised if by Christmas they were down with the bottom 5… Well at the moment I can only hope!

Now while I’m writing this I realize a lot of Spurs fans will get annoyed… thinking they are the true rightful owners of the North London territory, well… let me tell you this…

We won the league, at White Hart Lane, we won the league at White Hart Lane…

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    It’s true to say that the Spuds are in turmoil, and being an Arsenal fan it breaks my heart… Snigger, snigger!!

    Ramous is losing the plot, first Dafoe & now their captain Keane, arguably their most important player of the last 6 years. Berbertov wants out too, but to b honest that’s no loss, he is a class player on his day but is way to lazy, like a Bulgarian Le Tissier, but no where near as good.

    When ever you have the misfortune to bump into a Spuds fan as I did on Friday night, they will be quick to tell you they thrashed us 5-1, you see that’s where ends. Well done. If someone would have said that we would go on an unbeaten run of 18 games in 7 years, but at the end you’d get a hiding in a Mickey Mouse cup then I would have taken it all day long. In that time we have won 2 championships, 2 FA cups and have been to a Champions League final. To coin a phrase, ‘Read the papers’!

    Like Newcastle, they think they have a divine right to be in the top 4, the truth is, Spurs are not a big club, and never will be. Just because a couple of cockney oinks sang a knees up it doesn’t mean you have history either, because lets face it, Arsenal have made more history in one decade then in the whole of the Spuds’ weedy existence.

    I would like to take a bet with any Spud that Arsenal will once again finish at least 20 points above them in the league.

  • Parks numero uno

    arsenal fans haven’t got a lot to shout about, Flamini(class player), Hleb(even classier player) have both left the club and Adebayor is beeing sounded out buy some of the top clubs. I hope the gooners win sumfin this season or they will lose even more players,Fabregas has been quoted as saying that he will leave if Arse dont win a trophy this year. Its ok though,you still got Senderos and the whingeing Eboue.
    lets hope that Gallas has a bit of cry again this season cos that was television gold.

  • Jon

    This article is a joke, Berbatov is still at Tottenham. Keane leaving is a massive blow but the comments in thie article are nothing short of childish. I think Ramos knows what he is doing. If we had the same results in the first half of last season as we did in the second (uner Ramos) then we would have finished 4th in the league. No one is saying Spurs are Champions League material but there is planty of potential there and hopeful Ramos can utilize it.

  • Parks numero uno

    i think that Ramos will do well next season and i think Arsenal will have another trophyless season for the simple fact that they have a good first team (and as proved last season) their back up players are average at best.

  • Martyn

    This article is written by an AR$&nal fan for Ar$&nal fans. Spurs fans dont really need to read it. However, most Woolwich fans I speak to, are a lot more worried than Spurs fans.
    Keane is 29 next year and gave Spurs his best years, whilst we have bought Gomes, Modric and Dos Santos, with Bentley and Arshavin looking very likely. All of these have their best years ahead of them and in the case of Gomes, Modric, Bentley and Arshavin, they are proven quality.
    Woolwich’s biggest signing is an average frenchman called Nasri but have sold proven quality in Gilberto, Flamini, Lehamn and Hleb. Nice one Teflon. Feeling nervous are we?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    for the record Parks numero, Pleb is a not a class player as proved in a previous article


    Flamini had 1 good season as did Adebayor, I think you are forgetting we have RVP, who is a truly world class player.

    Wenger has proved time and time again he knows what he is doing. I don’t think we will win the league this year but we will once again be very close.

  • Tef1on

    @ Martyn

    Im not nervous at all…

    Arshavin wont go to spurs… if he does i shall not only eat my hat but i”ll also strip naked and run around Shit hart lane.

    Flamani was a blow, a big loss but Nasri and Ramsey can cover for that. Hleb was useless last season, glad he is gone, time for Theo to shine now! Lehmann & Gilberto… who the hell are they? 31 years + and cant break into the first team? yep thought so… big loss they are!

    @ Jon

    Re-read i never said Berbatov has gone… but he will! You cannot keep a player at a club he doesnt like! and the comments and the article are true… everything in there!

    @ Parks

    Adebayor and Cesc have both stated that they were misquoted, Ade has been a victim of the press and Cesc is an easy target due to is age and skill! They will both play for us for many m,ore seasons! Cesc may even captain the club in the next 2 years! I’m willing to put my car on that!

    Senderos made mistakes but had an awesome Euro Champs, every game he plays he looks stronger! his performance vs Milan in the San Siro was nothing short of amazing!

    Eboue is a Tw@ and not one arsenal fan likes him, so ahving a dig about him aint going to get anyone annoyed.

    Arsenal Fans have lots to shout about! the fact that we own north london is enough i think!

  • Martyn

    Oh Teflon, you should work in PR. I’ve never seen someone twist the the facts so well. Well done.
    Arshavin’s agent: “Andrei has made it known he wants to leave Zenit and the player has made his decision he would like to go to Tottenham.”
    What time will you be running round the ground?

  • Parks numero uno

    van persie is never flipping fit Darren!!!!!!!!

    who gives a flying f**k about Arsenal??? all there fans are numpty’s anyway!!!!

  • rob pullinger

    boo, who….arsenal and spurs fighting over spilled milk, i like it, we havent even kicked a ball yet, may it continue….

    me on the other hand am quiet chuffed, liverpool spending money and buy well, still need a winger, still need the arabs to buy out the yanks… but all that said and done, looking good…..

    as for champions league, well you can only dream????

  • rob pullinger

    arenal who???? sorry what have they won……nothing in the last four years, thats what??

    i dont like arsenal either, sorry darren…….(NOT)

  • rob pullinger

    arsenal who???? sorry what have they won……nothing in the last four years, thats what??

    i dont like arsenal either, sorry darren…….(NOT)

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    welcome back Rob, we have missed your comments and lack of math. Arsenal last won a trophy 3 years ago, not 4! The last trophy they won was the FA in 2005.

    So how many trophies have Liverpool won in that time? erh…….. 1?

    Sorry Telfon, but Senderdros is crap, he has 3 good games followed by two howlers, and those howlers have cost us dear. He would be good for a lesser team like Spurs or Newcastle.

    Parks Numero, who do u support then?

  • Parks numero uno

    who cares who i support. liverpool may only have won one trophy but it was the Champions League against AC Milan. I know Arsenal got to the final but no one cares about the runners-up.

  • James Webb

    It really sounds like jealousy to me. If it was the other way round you arsenal fans would be creaming in your pants over the spurs signings.

    As a die hard spurs fan I applaud Ramos for actually having the bollocks to get rid of our long time underacheiving players. Clear out the deadwood and mould the side into his own style. I’m not expecting us to be world beaters but anywhere near the Sevilla side he created would be excellent.

    We are getting rid of players and also replacing them, something which arsenal for some reason dont do. Yes we might sign a flop or two but speak to any spurs fan and he will tell you that despite selling £60mil worth of players they are as excited and optimistic as any previous season and thats saying something !!!

    With Gio, Modric, Gomes and Bentley already signed up I expect us to flog Berba and Kaboul and sign 4 more players. Too be honest I think somebody will be eating their hat because i’m 90% sure Arshavin will be a Spurs player by Monday. I also expect us to beat Newcastle to sign Collocini and Pavlyuchenko would be another welcome addition.

    I know its only been Norwich and Leyton Orient in pre-season but the lads are looking fitter than ever with the new Ramos regime and some of the football has been sublime. Darren Bent will finally end his tag as a 16mil flop and finally be given minutes on the pitch to prove he still has a spurs and england future.

    To be totally honest however good Berba and keano were last year they are both miserable C*nt prima donna’s. Ramos is a manager who prefers his team to be all equal with no big time charlies. Keano threw his shirt when he was subbed last season and got away with it. Hossam Ghaly did the same and was slated. And for Berba to refuse to play against Norwich because he would start on the bench proves he is not interested in the club so I say F*ck them both.

  • Parks numero uno

    Well said James!!!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    don’t worry yids, this blog is not Arsenal bias, we are writing a Spuds blog for you lot!

    Some good points raised James, it does seem like Ramos is having a much needed clear out, he is basically getting rid of all the crap that Jol brought.

    There’s no doubting that you lot score goals, but defending has let you down big time.

    Rule number 1 of fantasy league.

    What’s the record? 4 clean sheets in 72 games? That sort of defending will not get you into the top 4, but if you can sign those 2 Russians you may break the top 10!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Children, children. Lets be honest, no trophies are ending up in North London as both clubs are selling off the family silver. But 20 million for Keane is good business if it is spent well. David Bentley is a fabulous signing for Spurs, genuine class and proven in this league. And a surprise as in all honesty I thought Ramos would blow everything on little known Spaniards. Arshavin, if he comes, could be a risk, I think he will be lightweight for this division but we shall see.

    At the end of the day, Arsenal are a selling club and so are Spurs, it just appears that Spurs are buying better at present. Arsenal at some point need to stop developing a side of youngsters and start having an established team, as they did a few years ago. Nowadays they simply can’t keep the talent for sustained periods, but at least they finally have a decent stadium.

    So all I will say to Teflon is glass houses and stones. The title will remain in manchester, the runners up will be the odious Chelsea, and the European cup will return to Spain. Arsenal will be 4th or maybe 5th and Spurs will be about 8th, possibly making the UEFA quarters. And hopefully the big 4 will flounce out of the cups early making them interesting again…And the Foxes will win promotion but thats another story.

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