Spurs Midfield Will Better Arsenal’s if Van De Vaart Signs

by Gossip Gordon

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Transfer Deadline Day (TDD) is always a letdown. OK, so your club might sign a new left back, but that’s about as interesting as it gets.

This year was no exception. TDD ‘highlights’ were Sunderland paying £13 million for a unprolific Ghanaian, an ex-Fulham boss signing a Fulham player, Spurs POSSIBLY signing someone and AC Milan offering buckets of cash for a couple of has-beens. That said, Rafael Van De Vaart could be signing of the season if ‘Arry bags him for Spurs. Would that make Spurs’ midfield stronger than Arsenal’s? I think so, but I’ll leave that for you boys and girls to fight out…

The Real Talking Point

As usual, ‘Azza Redknapp was linked with a load of players on TDD and the Spurs gaffer may yet end up with Rafael Van De Vaart – 24th choice at Real Madrid but still rather good – for a bargain £8 million. Redknapp was also linked with Ryan Babel and Scott Parker, who’s value has shot-up £104 million since Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard’s fine allegiance for England continued at the World Cup. Spurs have also signed Croatian goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa on a season-long loan.

The Yids didn’t sign Babel, however. He stayed at Liverpool. According to various rumours/lies, Babel was seen cruising around in various parts of England in a helicopter. It’s the first time his career has truly taken off.

Sunderland paid over £13 million for Rennes striker Asamoah Gyan. He was pretty handy at the World Cup. Do you think he’s Ghana do well? (Sorry).

Meanwhile, AC Milan made a couple of bold moves. They signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a season-long loan with the option to make it permanent for £20 million, and Robinho for around £18 million. If they get those two firing, they could be a bit handy in the Champions League. At least it brings the squad’s average age down to about 335.

Big News If It Happens

Liverpool finally signed Paul Konchesky from Fulham. They sent two young boys, Lauri Dalla Valle and Alex Kacaniklic, as a gift to Fulham, who must be well chuffed.

Birmingham got Alexander Hleb on-loan and also landed Czech defender Martin Jiranek and Chile winger Jean Beausejour on permanent deals.

Stoke were pretty busy. They signed Eidur Gudjohnson and Jermaine Pennant on-loan. They also re-signed Salif Diao and bagged Marc Wilson from Portsmouth. Liam Lawrence and Dave Kitson moved the other way.

Other News That’s Barely Interesting

Arsenal didn’t bring anyone in, but they did let Armaond Traore join Juventus on-loan. The deal may become permanent later this year.

West Ham signed Blackburn’s Lars Jacobsen, while Marcus Bent joined Wolves on-loan from Birmingham. DJ Campbell went to Blackpool and Franco Di Santo, scorer of one goal in English football, left Chelsea for Wigan – who also signed Man United’s Tom Cleverly on-loan. Emiliano Insua has joined Galatasaray on-loan.

Crap Rumours Of The Week

TDD always brings up a load of rubbish. Check these out from BBC’s website. A message to those ‘informers’ writing in – Don’t waste your time next year!

“Just heard from a reliable source that Steve Bruce is to make a late effort to lure Ronaldinho to the Stadium of Light from AC Milan if the signing of Asamoah Gyan falls through”.  That’s a ruddy shame because Ron was probably looking forward to playing with Phil Bardsley.

“Scott Parker’s at Spurs Lodge”. Scott Parker or Van De Vaart? Tough choice!

“No way… coming back this morning from my holiday in Guyana, I see Brazilian Ronaldo at Heathrow Airport. I have a feeling that he might be on his way to West Ham or Tottenham.” Actually, I can ‘get’ the West Ham link. It’s about time they wasted a bit of cash.

“Gus Poyet Aston Villa bound? My mate works for his agent and Villa have made enquiries”.

* You may have noticed that this week’s blog is a little earlier this week.  This is because of the TDD and also because I am away this week. Rest assured though, I’ll be back next Friday (cue groans).

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  • NickTheGooner

    what a crap attention seeking headline. its not even close to being true and it doesnt even talk much about it in the article. get real.

  • Mark

    You are talking crap mate! Do all the spurs muppets get their optimism from you, the gullible mugs. Arsenal are a class above spurs , and I don’t even support them!

  • Stevie

    quality blog, pun after pun, like it a lot.

    As Mark rightly points out though, Spuds are way behind Arsenal and always will be with that 2nd hand car salesman in charge

  • http://yahoo dave at spurs

    Unlucky nickthegooner, not only RVDV also the croation national goalkeeper, also Sandro the one of the best gooner defenders, tough shit gooners

  • Stratty

    It’s not just Arsenal that has outdone. Spurs midfield was ALREADY the best in the league. It has now been reinforced. Take your pick: Lennon, Modric, Sandro, VDVaart, Bale. The point was, Spurs needed a striker. All the service in the world, but it will be wasted on the four pretenders we’ve got up front.

  • Gossip Gordon

    Wow. Some very annoyed people on here! I just raised the question – which side has the better midfield now and will it make a difference in the league? Some of you need to chill!

  • Stratty

    Strange… swearing from dave at spurs gets a pass, but a comment demostrate Spurs’s strength in midfield is awaiting moderation. Ever read 1984?

  • Dexylongshot

    Good work gordon, very nicely put in places, there were so many rumours knocking about my new iPhone nearly threw a wobbly. With regards to gyan, I think he will settle in nicely for Sunderland. Campbell looks like hel be a crocker till next spring so gyan will be straight into the team and I reckon he could strike up a really good pairing with bent. As for spuds v gooners, who cares, it’s all about the irons for me!! no one got hold of Parker and Carlton cruyff so at least we have a chance of being the 2nd best team in London! Seriously thou, van der fart is a wicked signing for 8m, I’m just not sure where Harry is gonna put him? Modric, hudd, bale and Lennon, where will v come in?? Dissapointed with wenger again, no decent keeper, kiss goodbye to 1st place, I would have moved heaven & earth to get hold of shay or someone like Buffon. Spurs even got gallas from you and you let Traore go? I’m sorry but the young Belgium konchy didn’t,t look fit to be in west hams back 4 let alone the gooners last week, In arsene we trust…. Not for me. Stoke have gone a bit doolally with the nelsons as well. They could deffo gatecrash the euro zone with eider and pennant.

  • GoonerY

    The spud midfield is improving and as bitter a rival as they are i still hope they finish above Man City as there spending is the epitome of all thats wrong with modern football.
    But better midfield than Arsenal ? No chance.

  • ben

    if you look at their midfield player for player, I would say Arsenal just have the edge.

    Fabreags 9
    Modric 7

    Lennon 7
    Walcott 8

    Song 8
    Palios 7

    Van da Vart 8
    Diaby 7

    Bale 9
    Rosicky 7

    Huddlestone 7
    Nasri 8

    Arsenal win by 3

  • http://yahoo dave at spurs

    O K maybe i swore Stratty,but whenRDVD scores against you u will swear
    when gallas heads from a corner past you u will swear
    when sandro runs u ragged u will swear
    when you wish wenger had bought a keeper u will swear again, allow me one at least

  • Stoney

    Fantastic. The goons on here can’t face the fact they are going to get beat good and proper by the mighty spurs. A midfield of VdV, modric, Lennon and bale, with sandro, dos santos, kranjcar, huddlestone and palacios on the bench. Bentley, jenas, o’hara pushing for a place on the bench. It pisses all over the goons. Fabregas is their only decent player. Diaby, eboue, asharvin, Walcott, eboue, rosicky, nasri, song. All players they regularly boo off the pitched at the imigrants stadium. Yeah. Fantastic players. Then again, if they weren’t booing there wouldn’t be any noise. Saff landan ship of fools. An absolute joke of a club.

  • Ibrahim

    Van der vaart is one of the most overrated players in europe. He can never performe above 7 in any game. He is also slow.

    Diaby is one of the most underrated players in europe, i think because he playes in Arsenal and Arsenal fans do not always appreciate their players. Diaby can be sometimes an average van 7. But he shows frequently 8 and 9. Solid in the defence and can make his way elegantly to the other box, with both tachnique and physical power.

    Bale is the only player in Tot who can compete with our midfield. He is in no way better than Ros.

    A lot of Arsenal fan forget that we are the best team in the league. Injuries is our only problem.

  • Goonerman

    Okay okay I have not even reaad the article I am just going to join in the debate. Now when I think about Spurs I think crap, pretenders, wannabees. Yes you do have a few nice players and I even forgot about Bale. However, Robbie Keane made the same mistake talking above his head comparing our squads and you got battered 3-0 with Keane being subbed and then loaned to Celtic in Jan with Arry stating ‘playing time’ as a reason. Now you have a 1st class quality manager with Arry, but you do not have a 1st class squad! I am not saying you will not be able to get one. RVDV, Palcios and Bale are good starts!However, you can either buy one like Chavski or Citeh, or you can build one like us! As you can see, buying one can be expensive and a waste but building one requires a certain art! As Barca found out, you can not buy players like Cesc, especially if you overlooked their potential and sold them in the first place!

    Now you look at the Arsenal squad and all you see is quality. Quality coming in quality coming out, just pure quality. Like every squad in the world we have our issues, but to make the mistake and to compare your Midfield with ours, is a ground for subbing you and getting loaning you out!

    So my advice to you is to enjoy your new signing, be patient and wait before you can genuinly compare your squad to ours!


  • David

    Shame Spurs’ midfield couldn’t beat the mighty Wigan! The only Spurs player I’d want in our midfield is Gareth Bale at a push although if Walcott continues the way he’s been playing then maybe that won’t be the case. Cesc pisses all over Modric, Song is far better than Palacios and Diaby has the edge over snail paced Huddlestone.

    You’ll see that Spurs’ midfield will get dicked over in Europe as they can’t handle teams that can keep the ball (note young boys away). Van Der Vaart is a good signing but not what Spurs need – they need a decent striker. Enjoy the CL because it’ll be your first and last run in it! Wigan proved your ‘top’ midfield and the rest of your team can’t cope with a mid week game.

  • Stoney

    Goonerman. Please inform us all of the fantastic players you developed and didn’t buy??? This should be good. Fool.

  • Steve

    What have you been smokin’? This is the most pointless debate going it’s not even a contest spuds are yet to prove their credentials or they will be rendered one season wonders. My advice to all spud supporters keep your mouths shut till you actually do something of note. Unfortunately you won’t even qualify for champions league again this season with or without RVDV or sandros who as yet hasn’t even joined your club. I’m a neutral but even I can see that spurs fans talk the most at the start of the season only to be out of it by Christmas! I am of the opinion that last season was a fluke.

  • Steve

    Stoneyman arsenal have developed many players you even bought one of them! How many have spurs developed? Can’t think of one in your current squad that you didn’t buy at some point? Maybe alnwick? Please don’t reply with Lennon, huddlestone or Defoe as these were all brought by spurs

  • edissimo


  • tufad

    Spud or what ever your team is called,u guys can’t achieve anything this season,so you better forget that,stop messing your team up here

  • Stoney

    Steve. We bought alnwick from Sunderland. You obviously know nothing. How about ledley king for starters. Fool. Anyway. Back to my original question. Players you have developed?

  • Goonerman

    Stoney you’re obviously after me! Lol! You are disilluisoned!

    I am not going to go through a comprehensive list but all I will say is we have developed the best left backs in England for the past and next ten years…

    …would you really like to hear more? I would not like to upset you!

  • Stevie

    Tony Adams
    Paul Merson

    won more trophies than the entire Spuds squad

  • Goonerman

    Thank you Stevie Babie!

  • shootz

    so the bulk of the comments on this subject are from gooners,
    i am censing a lot of fear in the air…

    spurs are closing the gap and arsenal fans are not happy jan!
    my opinion is that the spurs midfield is up there with the best
    midfields within the prem league.

    lennon, vdv, modric, bale <—- thats a world of hurt right there!

    heck most of the prem league teams would be more than happy to have:
    bently, hoddleston, palacios, kranjcar as their starting midfeild

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