Spurs on the brink of greatness, Liverpool face humiliation

by Charlie Coffey

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Not two years ago, on the 26th October 2008 to be precise, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool stood at polar opposites of the Barclays Premier League. Liverpool had just ended Chelsea’s 86 match unbeaten home record with a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge whilst taking the number one spot and, according to the BBC, “demonstrating their growing title credentials”. Spurs, meanwhile, sat in 20th place without a win, and so decided to swap the hapless Juande Ramos for Harry Redknapp. One look at the situation today suggests that was a very smart move indeed.

Whilst Liverpool follow on from an awful 2009-10 with a woeful start to this season, Spurs have the opportunity to reach the Champions League proper. Never mind the historic landmark of reaching Europe’s premier competition for the first time in 48 years, tonight’s game against Young Boys will go a long way towards shaping Tottenham’s future for the next few years.

With the guarantee of Champions League revenue for this season at least, the Spurs board may give Redknapp the financial backing he needs to sign players of according quality, starting with Luis Fabiano. By taking a pay-cut to join Spurs before tonight’s game, William Gallas demonstrated what a draw Redknapp’s side now are. With top-class European football on offer and a few extra quid in the coffers, Redknapp could sign a couple more players who could conceivably make sure that this season is not merely an extended Champions League swansong. Six days is a long time in the crazy world of the transfer window.

Liverpool, meanwhile, are looking to avoid catastrophe. Trabzonspor, having kept their deficit to just one goal at Anfield in the first leg of this Europa League qualifier, could not hope for a better time to play Roy Hodgson’s side. Having been mauled 3-0 by Manchester City on Monday, Liverpool have now lost Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres to injury, while Javier Mascherano continues to sit out while his transfer to Barcelona is sealed. Unless they can score an early away goal (which judging by their cautious performances this season looks unlikely), tomorrow night’s game will be a very nervy affair. That their best hope of doing so is via either David N’gog or Ryan Babel proves just how desperate their situation is.

Despite his track record with Fulham, Roy Hodgson has not convinced at Liverpool so far. The manner in which his rigid 4-4-2 was easily dismantled by City’s 4-2-3-1 must have had Reds fans worried to say the least. Did he not watch the World Cup, or even just England vs Germany?! That result means that City, not Liverpool, are again Spurs’ main rival to repeat their hard-fought fourth-place finish. The Europa League is Liverpool’s scant consolation. If they fail to win in Turkey tomorrow, their future looks bleak to say the least.

How the tables have turned.

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  • Mr Get Real

    Spurs on the brink of greatness? Qualifying for the Champs League Group Stage – LMAO!!!!! Come back with this headline if they win the treble this year. Man alive, the internet is awash with “jump of the footy bandwagon” muppets – where were they back in the day????????

  • Jonty

    Fabiano will not be joining spurs he played for Sevilla last night which would make him cup tied for the champions league!

  • Gen

    How can you even say that?
    When Joe cole is in the team liverpool look so much different.
    Liverpool have changed and now play a system which is 4 4 1 1 when joe is in the team.
    At arsenal they played well and nearly won, whilst only having 10 men on the pitch.
    When Joe cole comes back and Torres is back fit again liverpool will be a much better side.
    Liverpool have a better keeper, better defence and are better up front that tottenham.

  • Gooner John

    The only thing which is humiliating is the fine line between Spurs’ zenith and Liverpool’s nadir.

    That and being 3-0 down to Young Boys after 25 minutes.

  • Tg

    Who are you again?, never heard of you?, You must be a nobody then……

  • trader

    1.) It would be a castaphrophe if we DID qualify for the group stages of the Europa. We need to concentrate on the league and the Europa is a non-event.

    2.) Spurs wont get a sniff a top 4. Chelsea, United, City, Arsenal.

    3.) Signing a 33 year old Arsenal reject shows the pull of Spurs does it? Joe Cole had a direct choice bewteen Liverpool and Spurs and guess who he chose despite Spurs offering Champions League season?

    4.) So qualifying for the group stages of the Champions League now illustrates greatness?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    5.) A woeful start by Hodgson? We should have beaten Arsenal, playing half a game with ten men and would have beaten them had Reina not thrown the ball into the net in the last minute. We could have played until Christmas and not one Arsenal player would have scored. Yes, we got battered by City, but you cant call one defeat, away at City, a woeful start.

    6. You really are completely and utterly clueless.

  • Slick

    What a pointless article! Spurs still have to win the game!
    A dreadful start to the season? Arsenal at home a draw and man city away yes we got beat things like that happen! Gerrard torres mascherano if you took them three away from any side in the world it would affect them . Spurs are just a stepping stone most of their players end up wanting to play for manu,liverpool chelsea and in sols case arsenal, you had a great season last season but dnt get too excited. It took manu numerous years to get used to champions league and arsenal and chelsea. Liverpool took the least amount of time to adapt, spurs have not bought anyone which is dangerous why wait till ur knocked out y not spend n give it a go to get past qualifer. How will spurs cope with champs league n premier league! A good team great youngsters but no one world class!

    Dont get over excited yet remember everton???? In 2005/2006 season didnt manage to qualify pass this round

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    according the LMA qualifying for the Champions League does account for greatness, didn’t ‘Arry Roll our the Barrell win the Premier League manager of the year for that?

    Case rested.

    I hope they get stuffed and that be truly great!

  • RedMist!!!

    LMAO…. This stuff rights itself!

    Liverpool has a temporary blip! (due to the soon to be gone owners).
    Charlie Coffey you better hope that the most successful club side in England and 3rd most successful club side in European Cup history stays under the same ownership! When the ownership issue is resolved in the next month or so normal services will be resumed.

    Liverpool one of the greatest clubs in the world will be back in their rightful place and Spurs the 3rd biggest side in London theirs……LOl

    This is Liverpool you clown…

  • RedMist!!!

    P.S. You had to cheat your way into the group stages! Defoe hand of DOG!

  • Leon1986

    Spurs in Champions league..:) We dnt explain to nobody..Our performance speaks 🙂 Evolution is life. Change is life..Except the change or get extinct..Spurs are the change..The future is ours..We dnt compare ourselves to anybody..We just play for honor now 🙂 Few clubs have historry behind them, we have future ahead of us 🙂

    In coming time, we ll have glory and then you guys won’t have anything to say…COYS..:)

  • dave

    only great team win the champions league ,spurs have won none ,

  • LoL

    1.) It would be a castaphrophe if we DID qualify for the group stages of the Europa. We need to concentrate on the league and the Europa is a non-event.

    sour grapes.

    2)Liverpool has a temporary blip! (due to the soon to be gone owners).
    temporaly ? it’s been over two years now.

    3.) So qualifying for the group stages of the Champions League now illustrates greatness?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    well failing to qualify to the second tier competition isn’t much better i suppose.

    4) That and being 3-0 down to Young Boys after 25 minutes.

    but coming back to 3-2 on the night and demolishing them 4-0 at the lane tells a different story doesn’t it. quite close to the demolition of the goons in the cup semis 5-1 if i recall correctly. rings a bell?

  • LoL

    by the way has anyone heard anything from Mascherano. what goes around comes around it seems. lol

  • TShill7

    pps – Liverpool are bankrupt and crap. Masch can’t wait to get away and you couldn’t give the club away. You’re a poor side and judging by who you think will be in the Top 4 – you’ll be mid-table fodder for a while.

    Enjoy the Champs league draw tomorrow – thanks for keeping our seat at the Top table warm !! Now push off!

  • liverpool

    me im just getting sick to death of everybody and anybody having a swipe at liverpool why dont they just give it a rest and instead of slagging liverpool off start worrying about their own clubs because liverpool will be back with vengence nobody treats a dog like liverpool have been treat by the media and other clubs fans .

  • David

    Jonty, if you knew the rules, you would know that Luis Fabiano is not cup tied, since Sevilla have not qualified for the Champions League. Spurs are a far better side than Liverpool. FACT!

  • bob

    Spurs are in the CL.
    Suck on that all you doubting c#nts.
    And to have the nerve to Spurs wont make top 4….again! We heard it all last year…and what happened again?

  • Pete

    The one thing that Spurs have going for them, above all else, is a chairman that has a sound head and the ability to say ‘no’ in the transfer window. It was mentioned elsewhere yesterday that Daniel Levy could have spent millions to bring in players with no guarantee of actual Champions League football.

    His patience and prudence have been rewarded and ‘Arry might now get a few pennies to spend – but hopefully nowhere in the direction of West Ham for an also-ran central midfielder. Meanwhile, we can all continue to laugh at the mess Liverpool have got themselves in. It’s a shame the Yank duo have to go…

  • Doug Drinkwater

    Fair dues, the author maybe going a little over the top in tipping Spurs for greatness, but lets’ face it – Liverpool are barely a top 6 side at present.

    In Joe Cole and Steven Gerrard, the reds ‘boast’ two of the most over-rated players in world football. Joe Cole arguably wouldn’t get in the Tottenham side. The only players of any substance are Reina and Torres, and the latter is woefully out of form and fitness at the moment.

    Let’s not forget the club’s crippling debt either. To be honest, I was surprised when Hodgson made the move there. He’s arguably in a similar position to Terry Venables and Leeds in 2003. By this I mean he’s trying to keep afloat a ship that’s sinking.

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