Stephan El Shaaraway signing would be a big step backwards for Arsenal

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Media speculation around AC Milan striker Stephan El Shaaraway’s future is gathering pace after Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger refused to rule out a bid for the talented 20 year-old.

The Italian is known to be available for around £25m after scoring 14 goals in Serie A this season and would provide a good pacy option up front for the Gunners.

But where does this leave Theo Walcott? It is clear that Walcott will seek to leave the club if he is not played in his preferred position of centre-forward/inside forward.

Why does Wenger not have more faith in him?

His performance against a Reading side midweek was excellent and he showed he could play and score in his favourite position. It is strange timing for Wenger to come out and say that he admires El Shaaraway style of play when his solution is right under his nose. Wenger told Eurosport: “El Shaaraway is a very mobile, very technical young player. His philosophy fits perfectly with mine.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has showed time and time again that the best remedy can be found at the club. Coaching Wayne Rooney to become more of a poacher in front of goal paid dividends last season as he more than doubled his goal tally to 34 goals in all competitions.

I urge Wenger to think twice before splashing out on Stephan El Shaaraway. Walcott’s attitude has been impeccable since he joined the club and deserves a prolonged chance up front- continuing at Wigan on Saturday.

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  • davi

    huh? Why is it so assumed that Shawaary can only be a replacement for Walcott? He’s a very different player from what I’ve seen and we have a tonne of other players who could be replaced, Arshavin for example.

  • Silenstan

    Comparing Rooney with Walcott is laughable. Rooney has been a striker since he was 18. Playing only randomly wide and now behind RVP. Walcott has played wide. Walcott is NOT a striker. He has pace full stop. Against Reading he had no impact till late on.

  • Patrick

    True signing would be a replacement for Walcot but it would be a good thing because he can play on the wing allowing Walcot to move to his preffered position of center foward.

  • Philip

    No thanks. We need proven premier league players and Ba is a must. We must also break the bank to keep Walcott

  • Peter

    1. Milan wont sell El Shaaraway
    2. If they did they would want more than £25m
    3. If they did id expect bigger clubs than Arsenal to bid

    Now ive dealt with those points can i add that your headline is crazy. Have you seen El Shaaraway play? Signing a player 10 times better than Walcott, Chamakh and Bendtner put together (granted this isnt hard) would not only not be a step back, but infact it would hugely improve Arsenal and maybe make the fans believe they can still sign good players. I doubt El Shaaraway fancies Europa League next season however

  • Sid

    I am not sure what is dumber, this lame brained article or peter’s sad petty little whinge?

  • chris

    How would signing a quality player be a setback?
    We’re at least a striker short (if not 2).
    Giroud is the only proper striker we have.

  • GoonerDave

    Peter –
    Your inferiority complex is very obvious. Bitter little spuddie I reckon. How sad for you.

    As for the article – utter nonsense. You assume he is a replacement for Theo, which is total speculation, then you urge our manager to imitate Fergie and sign no players? Do you even know whats going on around you? Fergie has signed a bucketload of players, often in positions already well stocked.
    Not terribly written or anything, but an absolutely appaling article. No facts, no imagination and no insight.
    Also, please explain how exactly signing this player would be a huge step backwards?
    Fair enough if youre just winding for clicks, but if not, this might be the most amateur, and the poorest article I have read.

  • TomJ

    When will idiots stop writing that Walcotts contract situation has something to do with being player up front. Its about money, nothing else

  • Michael Somerville

    Theooooooo. Hat-trick man. The best remedy is at the club!

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