Steve McClaren’s Ridiculous Fake Dutch Accent

by Mystical Mike

Friday, August 15th, 2008

This confirms what we all knew….

This is quite possibly the most hilarious interview we’ve ever seen, cries of what a **** can be heard all across the land. What exactly is he doing? His fake Dutch accent puts Joss Stone’s fake American one to shame, what a complete knob.

We all know McClown has the charisma of a toilet roll, but with this performance he has reached new depths of low. A new career in stand up comedy beckons, we have not laughed this hard since John Terry did a massive buzzard in Moscow!


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  • dee


  • PP

    thats is frigging hilarious, what a goon, how did he ever manage our national team?

    I hope the FA have seen this!

  • Danny Brothers

    Ha ha that’s superb…he can’t just hide in Holland can he?! This is going to turn into stuff of legend…!

  • Blueyid

    you may mock but he outwitted and outplayed Wenger and his kiddie winks, very lucky victory if do say so for shure!!

  • Darren

    read the papers mate, 0-2, sign of a good side, playing crap and winning! something the Spuds can’t do.

    very funny video, McDick is a tithead.

  • Ossie

    Well done to McClarens public relations team (spin) they realised the public perception of him was rock bottom due to the Euro farce and he also needed to heal his injured ego. So with one well coordinated move he managed to get back in the spotlight, get some of the public warming to him and inflate his ego. The key is look at McClaren he is laughing before he answers the reporter and during it this is him not being able to contain himself because he knows its a stunt and you all fell for it !

  • Jay

    is that knob for real? at least he’s out of England, bloody great comedy!!

  • Darren

    didn’t think of it like that, but Ossie may have a point!! 1-0 to McClown! We are are now all talking about him again, oh no, I’m doing it too!!

  • Stevie

    god u lot are so stupid falling for that, as Mcdickhead would think of anything as good as that for a PR stunt, we are talking about a man who has used Max Clifford to get exposure!

  • Karl Savage

    The best dutch impression since Goldfinger. Sure, he may have added the accent deliberately for the media attention he’d get – I’d forgotten about him to be honest until this week, I just hope his players and their fans don’t think he’s taking the pish as he might try and return to English football. Can you imagine him as a cockney or geordie? His Yorkshire accent used to be quite good though…

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