Sunday’s predictions

by Mystical Mike

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Boro v Arsenal

The aristocrats of London visit the most dangerous place in the UK, not my words but the words of Channel 4’s snotty twins. The gunners will be looking to arrive late, stuff the smoggies and get out quickly.

Missing key players the Gunners should still be way to strong for one of dullest teams the Premiership has ever seen.

Prediction: 0-4


Bolton v Wigan

Bigger, better, faster, stronger, rising out of the ashes. A superclub, a King of clubs only this time we’ll have it all. Unfortunately, not the words of Bolton fans, but the words of Bolton’s very own Brian Potter of Phoenix Nights. Unlike a delicious Lancashire hot-pot, Bolton have tended to blow hot and cold under the Premierships most famous Ginger knob.

Prediction: 2-2


Tottenham v Man City

Spurs fans still believe their own hype, a chumpions league place is up grabs as they find themselves at the wrong end of the table. Sven has brought an exotic edge to City who are unbeatable at home, but are yet to win away, surely, this has to change and where better break their duck then at White Hart lane.

Prediction: 1-2


Blackburn v West Ham

Tough one to call this. West Ham will be hoping for a good old fashion knees up round the old Joanna on Sunday night. Blackburn will be hoping for a repeat of the 8-2 victory back in 1963.

Both sides are tough to beat. Despite losing 0-4 to Villa and 1-0 to Chelsea respectively, both sides can count themselves unlucky on both occasions.

Prediction: 1-1

knees up

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  • Johnno

    very funny, will this be a regular feature mr Boogie?

    Go on the Hammers, I’ve got me flag and i’m ready for a good old fashioned knees up!.

    Boro 1 Ars 3
    Bolton 2 Wigan 1
    Spurs 2 City 1
    Blackburn 0 West Ham 2

  • Sarah

    You need to get yourself a plate and put some bloody words on it!

    Go on the Boro!

  • Ollie farmers juicebag

    Derrick Boogie…not everyone is interested in arsenal…and incidently statistically you’re more likely to get shot in North London than on Teesside, get your facts right I doubt you’ve ever even been north.
    …and we’ve heard all these very lazy comments before…oh and as for dullest teams…er what so wigan? watford? Sheff United? are much more fancied are they?
    Didn’t Juninho choose Middlesbrough over Arsenal? I guess he wanted to be around real fans other than middle class poo poos that are u lot are.

    oh and 2-1 btw a very poor team one of the worst at the riverside this season! Alan Davies, Clive anderson, Bin laden, er jeremy beadle and perry groves your foreign team took a well deserved beating!

    Up the Boro!

  • Emu

    I thought it was lovely display of football my the Boro, Arsenal had it coming to them, they were poor at Villa (2nd half), poor at Newcastle (90 mins), poor in Seville (80 mins).

    Being a Shrewsbury fan its great that one of the less fancied teams can turn over the big boys every now and then.

  • Smogette

    Spot on prediction for the match involving north London’s best second XI. The Boro should really apologise for ruining Arsenal’s wining streak. Bloody Northern upstarts!

  • Darren

    Well played to the Boro!

    The only thieves on show were Arsenal for nicking a goal!

  • Nathan

    Being a Spurs fan it gives me great satisfaction in saying well done to Middlesbrough for exposing the Premierships most over rated side.

    I would never normally say this, but I really hope Chelsea win on Sunday!

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