Super Mick V: Morgan’s Revenge!

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

How could you sack those puppy dog eyes? (Source:

I’ve never been skeptical or wary of Mick McCarthy. Maybe it was because anybody would do a better job than Glenn Hoddle did, maybe it was because I enjoyed what he did with Ireland in the 2002 World Cup, or maybe I just had a good feeling about him.  But never mind, he’s gone now, and he’s probably never coming back. Am I Happy? No. Satisfied? No. Did I want to cry when I heard? Oh my yes.

When he came to the club in 2006, all he had was a club with an uncertain future, half a squad and the floater Glenn Hoddle left in the toilet. Despite all this, he promised us Premier League football, but reminded us that ‘MM’ stands for Mick McCarthy, not ‘Merlin the Magician’.

After a few lower-league signings and a couple of youth players, Mick took us to the 2006 Championship playoffs, painfully losing out to West Bromwich. The year after that, we missed out on the playoffs by two goals after a highly successful campaign, little did we know, this was just the beginning for Wolves. After being in pole position for 42 of Wolves’ 46 Championship games in 2008, we were Premier League once again. And thanks to a few choice signings (and a few shockers), Merlin the Mickgigican has given us three sweet seasons in the Premier League.

But this season, results have been shockingly bad, including a 5-1 thumping from Tesco Town, and the Wolves were at Mick’s door. He was given the sack, and a fanbase weeped. In one foul swoop, Wolves lost the greatest manager since the Stan Cullis days, and the fans lost an idol.

At the end of the day though, he wasn’t getting the results. Admittedly, it’s largely the teams fault for being crap, but remember, it’s Mick who picks the team, and tells them what to do. A lot of it is the team not pulling their fingers out and standing in the right place at the right time, but Mick is the manager. He manages his staff at the end of the day, and if the staff play up, it’s usually because the manager isn’t doing his job properly.

I’ll never call Mick a bad manager though. He had a bad turn yes, a bad run of form, but he still kept his promise and gave us Premier League football. And kept us there, admittedly by the seat of our pants, but he’s kept us there. I’ll never forget the good times, the euphoria of winning the Championship, the golden soundbites and the nail-biting finishes to the season.

Mick, thank you for everything, you put a reet shift in ah lad.

And I’ll have a fiver on Curbishley please.

If you ever forget how good Mick was/is, watch now!
Wolves 08/09 Season Finale

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  • Watty

    Still think Mick’s the man personally, but wouldn’t have any problems with Curbishley taking the reigns from here. Just please, God, don’t let the board appoint Steve Bruce!

  • Oli Butler

    Unfortunately was bound to go in the end. He’s still the man, and he’ll prove that he’s still the man very soon, in my opinion of course *coughLeedsmanagercough*. But yeah, I’ll happily welcome Curbishley, he’s worked wonders with relegation candidates in the past. Failing that, I’ll do it!

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