Swansea City the Rise, Fall and Rise again

by Spencer J

Friday, July 15th, 2011

A team not from England in the English Premier League? Whats that I hear you say?

For those readers from around the world who may not be versed in UK geography, there will be a very special team playing in the English Premiership next season. A team that isn’t actually from England.

This may surprise a few people but Swansea City is a team from Wales, a country famed for a sport where people throw around a ball shaped like an egg, famed for actors Catherine Zeta Jones and Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones, cockles and laverbread and now finally, a Premiership football side.

30th May 2011 was a very special day for the people of Swansea. It was they day the beloved ‘Jack Army’ gained promotion to the English Premier League, after years toiling in the lower leagues of England. In fact, the club was sold for the price of one English pound to creditors in those dark gloomy days, a fact which most supporters will never forget.

With the Jacks almost falling out of the football league altogether, the Swans rescued themselves with a James Thomas hatrick in a 4-2 win over Hull in 2003 which saved their football league status.

Move forward 10 years and it was another hattrick hero, this time Scott Sinclair firing Swansea past Reading in the Championship Playoff Final and into the hallowed turf of the Premiership, sending 40,000 Swansea supporters into ecstasy.

Gone are the days of the old Vetch Field.  The old ground is now a construction site, waiting to be developed by building investors, but the memories long remain. Gone are the Tuesday night matches against Macclesfield and Shrewsbury in front of 2000 die hard supporters. Gone are the famous Vetch Field burgers and the accolade of having ‘The Worst Toilets in the Football League’.

Yes, we’ve moved on. The Swans now play their football in the 21000 capacity Liberty Stadium, with 16000 season ticket holders shouting their support, million pound transfer records are being agreed, lucrative advertising contracts are being ironed out, fans have live games against Manchester City, Aston Villa and Manchester United on Sky Sports and ESPN to look forward to, while the Swans even boast their our own WAGS.

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster 10 years for every Swansea supporter, with more lows than highs, but its one that we’ve ultimately come out of and now we step into the light of the Premiership.

And yes, I think we deserve it.

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  • http://www.puntadive.com Scott Mackay

    Excellent article. One point I’d make though is that the Liberty Stadium capacity is 20,500.

  • ron

    In the last 10 years we’ve finished in the top 10 of our respective division for the last 7 of them so i’d say we’ve had more highs than lows! Throw in a football league trophy aswell and we’ve definitely had more highs than lows. Also, there has only been one league game in my memory of watching the swans over the last 18 years where we played in front of 2000! Yes our crowds were considerabley smaller back then but it was more 4000! Oh and you have the capacity wrong for the liberty. All in all, poor article

  • http://www.squeakybumtime.com/ David J

    Hi Ron..I’d say the Kevin Cullis Tony Petty and Mike Lewis circus was a terrible low period for the club.., losing in the last minute in the playoff final to Northampton and almost going out of the football league in 2003…not good times, in fact very dangerous times for the club….I agree, over last 5 or 6 years we have definitely had more ups than downs..now we are being promoted to the Premiership, but fans cannot forget how bad things were back then and where we’ve come from..which makes our promotion to the top league all the more sweeter.

    our attendances from mid to late 90’s were terrible…1996 our average was less than 3k.

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