UKFF’s Orobator To Manage Cameroon in UK African Nations Cup 2013

March 2, 2013

UKFF’s Director of Football Ewemade Orobator has been given the “incredible honour” of managing the Cameroon Team in the UK African Nations Cup 2013 with the Final due to take place at West Hams Upton Park in June 2013 and with £1,000 prize for the winning Team. Ewemade will attend the draw for the tournament […] […]

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The English Model vs. the Continental Model

June 16, 2011

The recent successes of the Spanish National team in the last two international tournaments, 2008 European Championships and the 2010 World Cup has highlighted a wind of change in world football. Couple Spain’s international glory with the emergence of Barcelona combining winning football with fantasy, flair and creativity and you have a recipe f […]

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Is booing ever the answer?

October 13, 2010

Come the final whistle at Wembley last night, England’s players trudged off with an increasingly familiar sound ringing in their ears: the boos of their own supporters. There was no Rooney address to the camera this time, no “nice to see your fans booing you” schtick. But — leaving aside the irony of “once a […] […]

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Poor England have it all to do

June 18, 2010

England 0 Algeria 0 England produced a highly disappointing and disjointed performance against Algeria that was lacking in ideas, movement and international class. After an early goalkeeping error from the Algeria keeper, Wayne Rooney found Gerrard, but instead of hitting it, the Liverpool man attempted to pass back to Rooney. It was agonising: but […]

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Dexy’s Group C Preview

June 6, 2010


the Algerians knocked out Egypt literally in a bad tempered play-off. I doubt they’ll being knocking anyone out next summer though. We should run up a cricket score against this lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fabio puts out a few fringe players if we go 2 up before half time. The group c cannon fodder. […]

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What if?

January 26, 2010

I was shocked to see that Algeria had beaten tournament favorites Ivory Coast in the African Nations Cup, this result will have been a major positive for England as it highlights the danger of Algeria. I’m sure Fabio Capello would have been watching this game closely and would have learnt a lot from it. […]

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The new Zindane – Age 6

February 19, 2009

Remember this name

My old scouting mate Philbert McTavish reckons he has spotted the next world superstar, all be it on YouTube. Algerian-born Madin Mohammed age 6, who has been hailed the new Zinedine Zidane after showing his “superb” skills on the website. […]

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