Team GB, do you really care?

by Michael Somerville

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Much like learning how to swim or riding a bike for the first time, football is a pursuit that should be undertaken at least once in ones life. It brings so many people together whether it to be playing or watching. It is known as a universal language, a bond that unites us all.

Which brings me to the event that could shape our futures; change lives, or simply provides an excuse to watch the TV for a couple of weeks, perking up every so often whenever the women gymnastics kicks off! You’ve guessed it, the Olympics is back in town, and for once, football in on the agenda. The great countries of England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland are finally ready to put aside their differences to do battle against the worlds finest, in the great area known as Stratford. Excitement is not even the word my friends!

Unfortunately, due to FIFA and complicated Olympic rules, we won’t be able to see a (still) youthful Theo Walcott bombing down the right wing, and a 39 year old Ryan Giggs, well… not. Most of the team will be under the ages of 23, which does pave the way for most of the current England Under 21 squad, including Micah Richards, Theo Walcott and Michael Mancienne to “show the world what they’ve got”. Other exciting young players such as Gareth Bale, Freddie Sears, Shane Lowly and Scott Airfield look to represent their respective countries also. If the Great Britain team do well, then we’ll have Arsene Wenger to thank, as the young Kieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere look set to play a part.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what older players will be picked as one player over the age of 23 can be picked, with Wayne Rooney the likely candidate- also looking to add to his already bulging trophy cabinet.

David James, who will have turned 103 by the time the London Olympics comes around will unfortunately be unavailable with Joe Hart likely to take over the mantle.

I am a little concerned that this could turn into a sort of “Emirates Cup” or even “beach volleyball” type tournament with Eric Cantona in charge of the French, Hernan Crespo managing the Argentineans and Stuart Pearce making the step up to manage the Great Britain team for 2012.

If the footballing side is successful (which I hope they will be) they will cast a huge a shadow over the other cyclists, runners, etc who did so very well in Beijing in 2008, and look good to repeat their success in English soil.

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  • Tef1on

    I’ve never had any interest in the Football at the Olympics, but If team GB are in then I think it will boost the popularity of it alot! Lets face it, We’ll see the England U21 team with Wales keeper Hennesy, Aaron Ramsey and probably a couple more, very few from Scotland or Northern Ireland. But still… could be a bit of fun, Reminds me of a game i saw when i was younger… a GB select 11 vs Liverpool… Ian Rush swapped teams at half time!

  • Darren

    good idea but as Mick says it may over shadow all the other sports, after all its the olympics is for them.

  • Matt Quinn

    I thought Team GB had been given the go ahead– but on the proviso that its only English players?

    Im sure i read that somewhere.

  • Matt Quinn


    A compromise was eventually reached between the four associations, whereby a squad of English players only would represent Great Britain.[4] The FAs of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales sent a joint letter to FIFA stating that they would not participate, but that they would not object to England participating alone

  • Michael

    Ah that’s a bit pointless in’t it.

    Apologies for bad research guys!

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