Team of the Week – Week 7

by Chris Hard

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

First of all sorry to all for this late team of the week. Hopefully this will become a regular feature for you all at Dexy’s Den.



Provided Man City with a long overdue clean sheet, however that is not the only reason for his inclusion in my team of the week. Hart made a modest amount of saves even though his defence, and Sunderlands impotence ensured he didn’t have the hardest job to do this weekend.



Boy can this guy take a freekick. Winning the league all comes down to a multitude of factors, one of those factors is grabbing dead ball situations and converting them as Kolarov did this weekend. Not only did the tireless defender get himself on the scoresheet and help City keep a clean sheet, but he also got provided an assist. All in a day for the Serb.


Back in March 2011 I remember Evans getting sent off for a reckless two-footed challenge on Holden, back then I thought his United career to be over, especially with the emergence of Smalling and Jones. However this weekend he showed just how far he has come, providing a solid defensive display and getting his name on the score sheet. Hard work pays off Mr Evans, well done.

Jose Fonte

Goals Goals Goals from the defenders in this weeks ‘Team of the Week.’ Fonte continued the tradition finding himself on the scoresheet twice. A good performance and I feel he was let down by his defensive counter parts. Had his team mate, no names mentioned, (*cough Hooiveld cough*) not turned in yet another needless own goal he too (Fonte) would have been another proud owner of a clean sheet. Still two goals from your centre back. Can’t complain, right?


I don’t understand how a player who does not look technically gifted in the slightest and looks more accustomed to playing at centre back can score such a technical goal and so frequently? Three goals so far this season. Put that into context; Gervinho, Lampard and Tevez all have three goals in the league this season. Go figure right? Di Matteo will certainly be asking for more of the same.



I can already hear the cries! He is a defender!? He didn’t do anything!? And frankly, I don’t care. great delivery from free kicks and crosses in general. So shhh it’s my team of the week and he is in.


What a game Cazorla had this weekend. Arsenal fans will be saying they never doubted Wenger and his transfer policy. Arsenal tried, and failed to sign Cazorla last season, fortunately for them they finally have their man. Running Arsenal’s attacking play this weekend and if it wasn’t for that pesky Cleverley and his cross, sorry I mean shot, Cazorla would have grabbed goal of the week to accompany his man of the match performance. Muy bueno Santi.


Played in more of a midfield role than is normally accredited to Rooney, however he went out there and bossed the middle of the park, grabbed 2 assists went home and probably cooked a wonderful sunday roast to cap of a lovely Sunday from the United star. I’m a big fan of Rooney playing in the midfield. As long as Rooney keeps on top of his fitness I see no reason for him to not follow in the footsteps of Giggs and Scholes, playing centre mid well into his late 30’s.


How this guy didn’t make the Spain squad is beyond me.. well it isn’t they have the most expansive selection of midfielders on the international scene. Putting this aside the Spaniard just keeps on putting in superb performances, even with the arrival of similar flair player such as Hazard and Oscar. Mata was a tricky customer for Norwich, providing Chelsea with an assist and completing dangerous runs throughout the game.



Giroud, Arsene Wenger and pretty much everyone involved at Arsenal must be relived to see him on the scoresheet at long last. However, Giroud provides more to his team than just goals. He was very capable against West Ham, linking up play whether that be with his feet or head. This man certainly showed this weekend what he is capable of. He was no Bergkamp, but he also wasn’t a Chu-Young. So Arsenal fans should be happy.


Forgive the man for his ridiculous hair. Forgive him for wearing the number 2 shirt even though he is an attacker. Now that we have shown Kone some compassion hopefully he can do the same for Figueroa. The Wigan defender gave away a silly penalty, leaving Kone to ponder how his goals were not match winners. Good work from Kone, great movement and finishing. I can already hear the Wigan fans asking, “Moses and Rodallega who are they!?”

Villain of the Week


Couldn’t end this without a Villain of the Week! I hope that somehow one day Mr. Bale reads this. That dive, had he successfully duped the officials into believing him, Guzan would have almost certainly been sent off. Isn’t diving a form of lying? Didn’t this mans parents teach him lying is bad? I hope Bale realises that every time he dives, every time he lies to the game we all love, an impressionable youngster out there will be copying him. I know he isn’t the main culprit but the weekend the offence was laughable and retrospective punishment should have seen Bale banned.

 Hope you enjoyed my Team of the Week, look forward to your comments and I will be trying my best to provide another Team of the Week article after the international break.


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  • Mystical Mike

    Gareth Bale’s goal celebration has to be the most annoying of all time

    great team though!

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