The real football awards 2007 awards (Part 1)

by James Baker

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Forget the PFA Awards, forget the Oscars, the Emmys and the Brits. Knighthood? No thanks. The only awards that matter are the UK Football Finder awards for 2007 by yours truly. It’s been a hectic twelve months in the crazy world of professional football. The Premier League is officially the most watched league in the world with the most money and many of the games best players. Here is my tongue in cheek look back at the last twelve months and who deserves what award.


Fight of the Year:

Forget Hatton v Mayweather and Calzaghe v Kittler. There was only one fight that really mattered and that was on one of the grandest occasions possible. Arsenal v Chelsea in the Carling Cup Final. A good game was made truly memorable due to the shenanigans on the pitch just before full time. Toure, Adebayor and Mikel were all sent for an early bath and Fabregas and Lamplard could count themselves very fortunate to stay on the pitch. A great advertisement for the English game being broadcast to about 200 countries. Makes you very proud.



Kop out of the Year:

The winner, well it has to be Jamie Carragher. Our Jamie decided he could not be bothered to play for England anymore because he was always played out of position. So, like a five year old, he took his ball back home to Liverpool and wouldn’t play with the nasty boys in the England team. Thanks, Jamie. In the infamous game against Croatia, which sealed our fate, we were desperately short of cover at Centre Back. This is it, Jamie, your big chance to shine at Centre Back for England. What a let down. Still, I’m sure he enjoyed sitting on the sofa at home watching the game, a game he could have played a major part in.

There has to be a runner-up in this category as well. David Bentley is a fine player and I have been very impressed with how he has progressed over the past 12 months. However, to say you couldn’t go to the European under 21’s tournament in the summer because he was tired was a bit of a let down, David. Let’s hope it is just a blip from a guy who could be a very useful player in the future for England.


The James Dean/Jim Morrison/Kurt Cobain Award for the player who’s reputation has rocketed without delivering greatness because they have died:

Ok, this guy did not die but it felt like it to some. He spent most of 2007 injured. However, in his absence from the game his popularity and reputation soared and some were saying he was the answer to all of England’s problems up front. He was sorely missed by his club who were so nearly relegated last season. Dean Ashton has now returned to action and is scoring his fair share of goals. Alan Hansen raves about him every time he can on Match of the Day and it isn’t hard to see why. He show flashes of brilliance like Dean, Morrison and Cobain, but will he become a great?

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  • Darren

    Bring on the fight part II! Arsenal v Chelsea final.

    What about Michael Owen? Surely he must be worse than Ashton?

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