The African Cup of Nations & UKFF Proudly Present…

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Dexy – Out of Africa

At last it’s finally happened, after months of intense press build up, people across the world we’re glued to the box at the weekend when poor Vera pegged it in Corrie, bless her!

But enough! It’s the African Cup Of Nations or ACN for short. Avram, Harry & Wenger have been so looking forward to it, it gives them the ideal opportunity to study at close hand the treasure chest of up & coming players you usually wouldn’t see in the premiership, Players like of Sidwell, Nugent & Senderos Sendimoff!, oh! and the Africans of course.

I have to admit that my knowledge of The Dark Continent is weaker than the Derby defense at best. I have seen footy in such far away shores as, Spain, Germany & Vietnam. I even caught a World Cup qualifier in the South Pacific 3 years back, The Cooke Islands of Rarotonga v Alvarua. Alvarua shaded it 2-1 due to a local mutt tackling the goalie to deny Rarotonga an equaliser; true say! But I’ve never set foot in Africa. I’ve watched Born Free, Roots & Zulu over a hundred times, I have the Indiana Jones box set but apart from that and the Mos Eisley scenes in Star wars, my knowledge of African culture is a big fat zilch, I ain’t got a Scooby??

So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that UKFF is going to educate me by packing me of out there to keep tabs on the African Cup Of Nations 2008. Ohh yeaaah, I’ll be larging it with The Lions, flexing with The Pharaohs & egging on The Elephants, I might even watch some footy!


Coming soon, my tips & predictions for the tournament, I’ve have done the knowledge for you and there are plenty of stats & odds for you to peruse before you get down to the bookies with your moolahs!

Will it be Egypt who won it last time or will Drogba’s Ivory Coast Elephants be lifting the trophy on Feb 10th. I think hosts Ghana will want a say in the proceedings and maybe an outsider like Senegal may gate crash the party. One thing is for sure, with 35 Premiership based players involved, this will be the most eagerly anticipated ACN ever!


Right, gotta toe it to Heathrow, I’ve a got a plane to catch followed by numerous extortionate taxi rides no doubt, so Asante as they say down in boiling Ghana or laters as they say down in Bethnal Green.

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  • Darren

    Oi Dexy, don’t forget you have a £5 budget per day, so don’t go spending it all that Egyptian pipe smoke!

  • Foreign Rubbish

    Here’s our video look at the rundown – check it out:

    Our money is on Ghana! We look forward to your updates!

  • Dexy

    Ghana look good but will they have enough at the end, saying that how would i know, i’ve been spending my sheckles on this Egyptian bong smoke, it’s MAGIC!!! uh eh splutter!!

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