The best title race in years

by Michael Somerville

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

United back in control

I had the privilege of watching Manchester United take on Aston Villa on Sunday, and truly, amazing was an understatement. To what has already been a brilliant title race, with the pendulum swinging back and forth from Liverpool to Manchester Utd, nothing could have prepared us for these weekends events. After Liverpool sunk Fulham with a last minute winner, Utd were under pressure, and by God it showed. The first 75 minutes were definitely the worst that Utd have played all season. They may have had injuries, especially in the defence, but the home side were sluggish, disorganised and generally lacking in purpose. There were no idea’s going forward, the defence was a shambles, reminiscent of when AC Milan came to Old Trafford and ripped through the make shift defence with Kaka grabbing two goals that night. Villa looked like the Villa of the beginning of the season on the counter attack and when Gabby Agbonlahor scored his first goal in 8 games to put Martin O’Neil’s side into the lead, you could feel the belief evaporating out of Old Trafford.

Going behind at home rightly galvanised the home team and they look fairly dangerous going forward, but nothing was working in the final third. For all of Carlos Tevez’ hard work, especially after coming back from Argentina calamities defeat at the hands of altitude challenged Bolivia. A rather useless Nani was replaced by a complete unknown, Federico Macheda, whose youthful enthusiasm was a much needed catalyst. By the 75th minute, Ronaldo had made a goal out of nothing, driving a shot into the bottom corner. It was the first time anyone had taken a shot outside the area, and it had paid off. With a combined age of 35 the front two of Wellbeck and Macheda were finally making things happen. Gary Neville was playing where he’s used to and Giggs was making inventive runs down the left. The champions were not going to settle for a point, and Wellbeck gave Villa a huge scare after a great save from Friedel.

But the young Italian had other ideas and from just inside the area, blasted a curling peach of a shot into the top right hand corner past a despairing Friedel.

I was literally jumping for joy, not believing what was happening, unable to remain partial. Why would you want to be? It’s football…. The greatest game in the world.

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  • Darren

    cracking game, I thought United were very very poor. All of a sudden their squad isn’t looking as good as everyone seemed to think.

    Its squeaky bum time for sure!

  • Jackie emu

    I really hope the title is going to merseyside…Man united fans need a reality check.

  • Sam

    Excuse me…reality check? From what?

    Liverpool need a reality check to realise that it hasnt been their god given right to lay claim to the title as the best team in the land for the last 18 years, as they have never won the premiership – and only 100 per cent committment and focus will ever secure them it. And Newcastle need a reality check from thinking another high profile figure, if not high quality manager, will put them back from where they think they belong – in the top 6. United already received a so called reality check in realising that this premiership race is not over yet, when we were soundly beaten at Old Trafford a couple weeks back.

    I can only hope for more of the same from this weekend – some last gasp, thrilling, rollercoaster ride action with the teams fighting it out, throwing caution to the wind and putting everything into the ninety minutes.

  • Darren

    to be honest I think Liverpool & Man U fans are as bad as each other.

    As for Newcastle, I’ve said this time and time again. They are a club of clowns with clown fans who follow the not so magic circus

  • Jackie emu

    reality check from being title contenders bores the a*se off me.

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