The Biggest Thing Thats Currently Missing At Arsenal

by Marvin Cave

Friday, April 13th, 2012

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Man United have almost secured their 5th League title in six seasons.

Consistency, Efficiency and Determination are words often associated with ManU. If they go on to win the title this season, they’ll further enhance their reputation as the best team in England.

How have they done it? To think that not so long ago Arsenal and Man United both had 13 League Titles, Now they’ve opened up a 6 title gap. Will we ever catch up them?

My answer is Yes! But a few things need to change at Arsenal, we don’t need a new manager, we do need new players, consider this scenario.

We buy Vertonghen, M’Vila, Podolski, Dempsey and any other “Star player” you think we should sign. Will they make us title contenders again? Will signing these players guarantee trophies?

My answer is Maybe. New Players won’t guarantee us success. Sure will have a better team but Man City are proof that throwing money around won’t get you titles.

When Arsene first came to Arsenal, He inherited players that had title winning experience, Players that knew how to deal with the pressure of being top of the league. Those players plus the likes of Petit, Viera, Overmans, Bergkamp, Pires and King Henry kept on winning titles because they played with players that had done it. Plus we believed we could win, we expected it, we demanded it, we never doubted our squad and they never doubted them selves.

Its simple really United have one major thing that Arsenal and us fans lack, Belief.

If we don’t believe in our players, how do we expect them to believe in them selves?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this season is that nothing is impossible, we went from 17th to 3rd.

I’m not against new players but my point is that they won’t guarantee us success.

I’d love to see Nuri Sahin, Vertonghen and Hazard at Arsenal but we need to be Realistic here. This is Arsenal, we need to believe in our Players and work with what we have.

Cheers Gooners! #COYG



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  • Linda Rynne

    YES, YES AND YES!!!!

  • StephenQ32

    Spending on high profile recruitment does not guarantee Success?
    This is what is wrong with the Wenger Era fans
    Low expectation and to afraid of changes
    Dennis Bergkamp does not remind you of anything?…
    The landmark of our successful decade?
    Stop with the Man City comparisson they need time, look at Chelsea they have been winning Trophy more than us
    That theory is only in defense of Wenger youth “eugh” policy

    If belief is enough Liverpool should’ve won the title already
    Tottenham should’ve play champions league football each season already… If belief is enough than KKK Dalglish is a top notch manager already!

    We’ve been lucky this season for not losing Van Persie through injury
    We need new recruitment and replacement for departing Key player
    We have enough youth Wenger yout performing player this season age average is 28++ mr Bean… Dross like Ramsey keep losing us points

    But i do agree though right player is not always the expensive ones

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I’m not against new players people I’m just saying we need to believe too… Make no mistake I’d love to have all those new players at Arsenal but come on we know our team and we know our manager. The only thing that could change our spending is A certain Russian takes over which seems unlikely

  • Amrasaq

    Never compared any team with MAN U simply because they are the eyes of england Fa, officiating is usually favour them against any team, ie how many penalty have Arsenal played this year both home and away?

  • Goofball


  • Arsenal4Ever add strength to the squad is one, but to maintain performance is another, that is what Arsenal sometimes lack…we could win on giant clubs, but when it comes to easy 3 points, BAM… none….but still, it takes time to build a team like ‘ The Invincibles’ (awesome~) but it is nearly there…so wait for the magic, as we always said IN ARSENE WE TRUST…

  • Houssam

    This team got potential and we are on third from seventeen because we have a couple of world class players (RVP, Verm, Song) imagine if we have another 3 world class players to replace the dead wood we have, it will be very strong team and seriously challenging for troohies especially when players like Ox, Koshenly, Chezney and Theo keeps improving.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I would also love that to happen but if you read or heard AW’s Match day Press Conference today you’ll clearly see we won’t be too Active during the window.

  • uzoyare kingsley

    we ned gud playes’world clas’ nt al dese ones u ar mentiƶnin.

  • Osi-umar

    I truly agree that we lack determination and a winning mentality like Man U,if only we have a good fighting spirit like we put in the last ten matches then we are way on to a title.We need to get mediocricy out of our team,people who will always want to kill the spirit of the team should be put out and wenger should be more vibrant from the bench,we dont really need world class but spirit class.we can do it next season,go Gunners!

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