The CAF should hold their heads in shame!

by Mickey Marbles

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I hate that I do!

I’ve been following some of the African Nations drama on the box and t’internet over the last week & of course Dexy’s outstanding previews, but I must say I was appalled as the news reports came in on Friday night regarding the devastating machine gun attack on the Togo team bus, resulting in 3 deaths and numerous injuries. The psychological trauma of such an event will give many of the players sleepless nights in the future but the reason I’m writing this rant is the way the Togo team has been treated by the Confederation of African Football.

The CAF have handled the situation terribly disqualifying Togo from the Tournament. Ok, I’m not sure of the exact ins & outs of who said what but from what I can gather, Togo in the immediate bloody aftermath decided they needed time to mourn their dead and pulled out. The CAF gave them just over 2 days before announcing they was going to be disqualified, even though some reports suggested that the Togo team was going to stand up and play on in memory of their deceased team.

Why didn’t the CAF have a meeting with the Togo FA and discuss amicably a way in which they could still partake? Surely they could have put the Togo group games back a couple of days? It is not as if every game has been a sell-out at the ACN, in fact some matches have had less than 6000 spectators. They could have used one of the ties as a special memorial game, a chance for the players and public to mourn/celebrate the lives of the deceased, possibly even raise some cash for the families of the deceased. Oh no, they just announced instead that Togo are out, going home and in the process saved themselves a few extra man-hours in the offices and in the stadiums.

The CAF should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • dexylongshot

    Couldn’t agree more Mick, it ‘s bad form from The Suits in Africa, I just hope they buck their ideas up when it comes to the big one in June. I’ve got my tickets for that curently pending but if SA is gonna be anything like like ANgola, I’ll be watching it in Trafalger Sq with Peggy.

  • jimmythegent

    I’ve been watching it from day 1, it’s excellent entertainment, the defending is shocking. It’s such a shame the Togo shooting has overshadowed the tournament.

  • dexylongshot

    Cameroon finally got back to their best sort of last night, Eto better get a couple more or i’ll be out of pocket. Essiens knee is in a right old state, a bit of a gutter for Chelsea and Ghana.

  • dexylongshot

    Ouch! Essien is out for 6 weeks and what a surprise, a 0-0 draw from Algeria & Angola getting them both through.

  • Darren

    bit slow on the uptake there Dexy, thought you would have straight done Peggies bookies!!!

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