The Carlos Tevez Saga

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Monday, December 19th, 2011

When people use the word ‘saga’, it’s usually in relation to a beloved film franchise or some centuries old epic tale, however this saga doesn’t take place in a galaxy far far away or in the pages of history, it all started when a world class footballer decided to swap the red half of Manchester for the blue.

Carlos Tevez made him self a Man City legend before he even pulled on the shirt just by the mere fact that he chose to join them rather than stay with Man Utd. However despite his outstanding performances on the pitch and appointment as captain, Tevez has now become the pantomime villain thanks to his off the field antics, such as allegedly refusing to come off the bench or saying he wouldn’t return to Manchester even for vacation.

So the City hierarchy are faced with the pretty difficult job of selling a £25 million pound striker with a penchant for troublemaking, and one factor that certainly won’t make it any easier is the constant meddling of his so-called ‘advisor’s’.

These anonymous representatives seem to crop up with a press quote every time some new controversy faces the Argentinian. Who knows if they are actually conveying Tevez’s opinions, but nevertheless they don’t seem to waste an opportunity to make the situation worse.

In the past few weeks it seemed that Tevez was all set to head to AC Milan in January, seemingly bringing the curtain down on his colourful Premiership career, however it has now emerged that Milan’s loan deal (with the option to buy) wasn’t good enough as City prefer to sell the player outright as soon as they can.

The list of clubs with Tevez on their January wish list must be looking pretty limited, and with arguably the most important season in their history ahead of them, City should just off load the unwanted distraction to whoever is both willing and able to take him.

Whilst there is no denying the man’s footballing prowess and his colourful character, Tevez has come to represent the darker side of the modern Premiership footballer; an uncontrollable ego, diva-sized entourage and a pay cheque that defies all common sense. So when the curtain does fall on his eventful career in England, I for one will be glad to see the end of the Carlos Tevez saga.

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