The circus rolls on

by Ashleigh Rose

Friday, December 11th, 2009

All that money that Sky must have used up on making Dream Team, they might as well of not bothered and instead just put cameras in and around QPR football club. After three eventful years that have included six managers, a chairman being threatened at gunpoint, new billionaire owners and untimely deaths to young players, today we have the latest episode in the Loftus Road drama.

After Monday nights 3-1 defeat to Watford, current R’s boss Jim Magilton is rumored to have clashed with star midfielder Akos Buzsacky. A clash that apparently led to Magilton head-butting the Hungarian and leaving him outside the dressing room away from the rest of the team like a naughty schoolboy being sent out of class. What exactly went on for sure we don’t know, what we do know is that Magilton has been today been suspended by Rangers with immediate effect, giving some strong credence to the alleged incidents of Monday evenings game.

Being a QPR fan myself it’s hard to know what to think. In Magilton we have a manager who no one really wanted at the start of the season, but was the only man who seem to want the job no one really wanted. He had however after arguably finally stumbling across his best XI won Rangers fans round with some quite brilliant football and performances that saw the side reach fourth place in the league. However over the last few weeks cracks have started to appear, and the criticisms aimed at Magilton during his reign at Ipswich were being leveled at the man again. His refusal to drop certain players whatever their performances but get rid of others less deserving is one main problem as is his assistance of naming and shaming players publicly. This has in turn effected our performances on the pitch which culminated in this weekends back to back defeats where Rangers shipped in eight goals and slipped to 12th in the league.

Before the alleged clash though, the majority of fans though were keen to stick by Magilton. We’ve seen enough management changes already at a club that seems to be wasting it’s best ever chance of winning promotion to the Premier League. Yes Magilton has his faults, predominately ruining a defence that had the best back-line in the league last year but another sacking wasn’t the answer. It’s an illusion the media have built-up that we’ve spent millions of pounds on this squad, we haven’t however we do have one of the most talented squads in the league and that includes Buzsaky.

On his day Buzacky is easily one the best attacking midfielders in the Championship, and would be one of my first names on the Rangers team-sheet. He’s had a turbulent time since joining from Plymouth, what with an injury that kept him out most of last season, and managers including Magilton insisting on playing him out of position on the wing but from what I know he’s no thug. I can see him having every right to have a difference in opinion with his current gaffer but the clash on Monday night and the resulting suspension seems more blame is being put to Magilton then the QPR number 10.

Question is though, where do we go from here. It’s more than likely now that Magilton will be the latest Flavio Briatore casualty. A sacking that was probably already on the cards before the incident and Jim has now made it even easier for his employers to give him his P45. But who in their right mind will want to take over this circus that is Queens Park Rangers right now? There are many favourable candidates namely Darren Ferguson or Alan Curbishley but will they really want to step into what is becoming the hottest of hot seats? Magilton was a skeptical enough appointment at the bottom of the barrel, I can’t imagine what’s any deeper – Dennis Wise? Bryan flaming Robson!

The one silver lining that when (and not if) Magilton does go, you can’t actually blame our infamous owners this time around. For the first time Flavio left his manager alone and let him get on with the job, and rightfully so. But now this has blown-up in his face all so publicly what treatment will the next man in charge get both from the men upstairs and the fans below. Maybe Fergie Jr really does fancy a bigger challenge….

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  • Darren

    what a mess. I was at the Leicester game when the R’s were in great form and Jim Magilton was a hero. A few weeks on and now they want to get rid of him. How many mangers have they had in last 18 months?

    As for Flavio Briatore, well he looks like a poor mans David Dickkonson!

    There was a great 2 page spread in the Standard last night. Apparently all the money has gone on the stadium, yeah right, those boxes could of cost that much!

  • dexylongshot

    such a shame, i haad high hopes for qpr 18 months back. no one is gonna touch it with a barge pole now if jim gets the elbow. saying that, i hear sven is soon to be back on the managerial scene, what do you reckon?

  • Matt Quinn

    I tipped QPR for promotion at the start of the season and after watching a couple of their games this year i was quietly confident. When Buzsacky, Taarabt, Routledge and Simpson combine effectively, they are the most attractive team in the league.

    However, their recent form has really de-railed their challenge and i fear they could end up mid-table unless they get some stability and defence awareness to ally their undoubted creative talents.

  • Ash

    That piece in the Standard wasn’t the most researched bit of journalism I’ve ever read Daz, but it was right in saying more money has gone on stuff off the pitch then on.

    Sven as manager? I’d take him over some of the other likely cannidtates.

  • dexylongshot

    Talking of which, how long before Jose is at Man City?

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