The crazy Kaka tattooed man

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I love Kaka a bit to much

A crazy Manchester City fan has revealed the ultimate buzzard* when he had ‘Kaka’ tattooed on his chest before the AC Milan superstar turned them down to stay with the Serie A giants.

Christopher Atkinson, 25 thought the Brazilian would sign for a world record £120 million but was left totally embarrassed when he rejected the move. His attempts to cover up the tattoo also fell through when his friends discovered it.

“They haven’t stopped taking the Mick. Kaka’s one of my favourite players. I got carried away by the emotion of him coming here,” Atkinson, of Altrincham in Cheshire, told The Sun.
“I wanted to show off. I just hope we go for him this summer.

“It’s taken a few weeks to see the funny side. At least I have a permanent reminder of how close City came to signing him.”
Despite the disappointment, Mr Atkinson has promised to get another player’s name stencilled on to his body. What a wacky man!

* Foolishness

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  • stevie

    what a knob!

  • Darren

    why would anyone want to be so stupid? Its like calling your kids after an entire football team.

    Totally Ludicrous!

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