The Curious Case of Mario Balotelli

by Lorenzo Bettoni

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

One year after his £28 milion transfer from Inter Milan to Manchester City, Mario Balotelli doesn’t looks in the center of Roberto Mancini’s project for the season 2011-2012.

The Italian manager left  “Super Mario” in the bench in the first three appearences of Mancehester City in Premier League and during the summer the forward complained about the city of Manchester, saying that he would prefer to go back to Italy. Plus, the feeling with the manager who one year ago played a decisive role to bring him to the City of Manchester Stadium, is now worst than ever, also after his “trick” in a summer friendly against LA Galaxy.

When yesterday his page on the official website of Manchester ciy was blanked, everyone thought about another, clamorous, transfer. AC Milan, Naples and Palermo were the Italian teams interested in Mario Balotelli during the summer, but also Newcastle seemed a possible solution for the Italian forward, as his friend Davide Santon moved there from Inter Milan.

The Italian forward is no worst than David Silva, Samir Nasri or Sergio Aguero, but the strenght of a football player depends not only on how he plays but also on how he behaves, both inside and outside the field. This is the main reason why a top player like him is stil looking for a club and a manager who can completely trust him.

His case looks like the same of another Italian forward: Antonio Cassano. When he was 19 AS Roma bought him from Bari for £28 milion, five years later Real Madrid bought him for just £2 milion as his behaviour had devalued him. Than he moved to Sampdoria, where he had a furios discussion with the club’s president Riccardo Garrone and he moved, almost for free to AC Milan, last January.

Antonio Cassano, one of the most talented Italian player, is now on his 30 and he has won just two championships in his career (one “Liga” and one “Serie A”). Balotelli is strong enough to play in whatever team in the world, just like Cassano was, but if he wants to win something more than him he should quickly learn the lesson of his new National team-mate.



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  • CiTyBlUe

    Quite a good attempt at publishing in English but I think you may be better off publishing in your native language, I will be very surprised if little trolls did not turn up here belittling you as they usually do elsewhere.

  • Lorenzo Bettoni

    Thanks for your comment.
    I know my English is not perfect but I think that the only way I have to improve is just writing…I think that now what is important is that you understood the point of the article!
    Thank you.

  • tublu

    Ciao Lorenzo , I think all of us City fans get the point of your post ( not sure how much we would have got se fosse stata scritta in italiano). We’re all (well most of us) hoping that Mario stays and is a huge success here in Manchester. Forza Mario !

  • Damiano

    Il tasso ha superato la sogliola.

  • dexy longshot


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