The Day Manchester City Destroyed The World….

by Teflon

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

One hundred and seven million pounds… ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN MILLION POUNDS???

We all sniggered when mark Hughes left a good Blackburn side to join an average Manchester City. But he really landed on his feet with the switch. We the new buyers throwing money at him it seems there will be no stopping City soon.

First there was Robinho, 32 million pound. But with his capture city still find themselves in the bottom third of the table. As the January transfer window opened we all knew what was coming… It wasn’t a case of who’s available, it was a case of who do we want! And I must admit that pissed me off!

So then they bought Wayne bridge which was a good signing in my eyes. With Cuntly Cole ahead in the Chelsea pecking order Wayne needed a move!

And now… £107 million for Kaka, to be honest I’m fed up of hearing about bloody poopoo. He is constantly on all news channels. But I have to ask this question, why would Kaka leave AC Milan, a world class team with world class players while he is in the prime of his career… For Man City who are a mediocre team and will never win anything in the next 5 years. I honestly think this move will ruin his

The thing I can’t understand about city and more importantly Mark Hughes, They are not only inconsistent on the pitch but also in the transfer market, with signings like Robinho and then also trying to sign Craig… Bellamy… & Scott. Parker. Also here are some more names on Cities shopping list, Roque Santa Cruz (£30 Million), Andrei Arshavin (£25 Million) Gianluigi Buffon (£20 million). I cannot understand when they have a strong front line with Benjani, Sturridge, Robinho, Elano and maybe kaka soon why would they try to sign Craig Bellamy and Scott parker. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s almost as if Hughes has money he feels he needs to spend!

Its reported City has offered kaka half a million a week to play…
That is ridiculous! I think it’s time that FIFA stepped in and put an end to all this nonsense. There needs to be a cap on what a club can spend per season. While I understand some clubs do need to spend to strengthen their squads, no club ever should have to spend over £70 or £80 million in a season. Let alone £100+ million on one player. We need to see FIFA take action and implement a system where a club is limited to spend £80 million a year and no more. And this isn’t because I support a team who refuse to spend money, this is because this will end the game of football as we know it! Firstly with City buying all these players and paying them ridiculous amounts of money they will have a lot of players who were playing every week suddenly out on their arse. Secondly how long will it be until Ronaldo says “I want 500,000 a week like Kaka, I deserve it. I’m better than him!” then Fabregas says “well if Kaka is getting 500,000 a week I want 200,000 a week!” See what I’m saying? It is going to destroy football! Ticket rises will rise again, Programs will cost more, Shirt prices will be higher. It is going to ruin everything!

The Sheiks don’t know what they are doing. they are not football fans, they are idiots with too much money to spend! They will ruin this game and once its ruined, and Manchester City are winning every cup going, when they have a team full of international superstars. when Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool go into administration because they spent too much while trying to keep up the
pace. what will happen next?

What makes me laugh is everyone knows Mark Hughes is going to be out of a job in the summer. Why have a mediocre coach when they could have anyone with their money.

So please please please FIFA and UEFA, step in. stop this madness! We all know you hate the English game so much as it is, so help us do something about it and put a cap on these transfers! We need you, from Grassroots to Premier League. English footballers and football fans around the country need you more than ever right now!

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  • Darren

    Come on, I think we all knew it wouldn’t happen. And well done to kaka for to turning his back on money, hopefully he will b the catalyst for many other players. Craig bellamy doesn’t count as he’s a cock!

    Man city r in big trouble, robinho’s done a runner, no big names want to go there, how long befor Hughes is sacked? I’ve had this much fun since john terry missed that peno!

  • dexylongshot

    Hi Chaps
    Lovely hols ta very much.

    Don’t get me started on Bellas, a prize Judas (And a taffy one at that), The Hammers are getting quite a collection of backstabbers now.

  • Park’s Numero Uno

    Bellamy is an injury prone and very average player so dont be too upset,your better off without him. That lad Di Michele looks ok though.

    Im glad aswell that Kaka decide to stay at Milan, i find it funny that City have all this money and they cant buy a player for toffee. They are not good enough to buy truly world class players,if they were in the top half of the table maybe.

    Mark Hughes made a huge mistake going to city.

  • tef1on

    I was so happy to hear Kaka rejected them last night… And I was over the moon to hear robinho did a runner!

  • Darren

    But it also means we’ll miss out on ashavin now as city will have to sign some one

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