The Demise of Rangers FC

by admin

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

For anyone who was asleep for the whole of last week, you missed probably one of the biggest stories in recent sporting history. Rangers FC were sent into administration because of an overdue tax bill which stretched back to over 11 years ago. And although Rangers Chief Executive Craig Whyte stated how this is not the end for Rangers, it can be deemed as somewhat wishful thinking.

As a self-proclaimed Celtic fan, I can honestly say that this deeply saddens me. I feel that the bitter rivalry between the two clubs is the healthiest thing in Scottish football, bar a few idiotic fans. That being said, the real question is, can Scotland, and more so Celtic, survive without the presence of their Glasgow counterparts.

Looking at the facts I can honestly say I don’t think so. When you consider the revenue and support that the excitement of the Old Firm promises, then the downfall of the ‘Gers, surely deals an almighty damaging blow to the prospects of excitement in the SPL.

Surely the SFA can’t expect fans to flock in to see the thrilling encounter between Celtic and Dunfermline? No offence to any Dunfermline fans but lets be honest, the SPL has lacked excitement enough, even if it is Celtic and Rangers. The collapse of the Glasgow Blues would be catastrophic for Scotland, ESPN and SKY would be out the door quicker than you could say Ice-cream and Jelly!

On the other hand……

Lets take Celtic, the move could go either way I think, One scenario (be it unlikely or not) is, the collapse of their biggest rivals could finally open the door for a move to English football, a level I feel the club could easily adapt to. With a thriving young side it could mean more money, a more enthusiastic fanbase, and most importantly, the long coveted respect from English football.

And the other one being? Well it could mean the total collapse of Celtic FC. With no competition fans will start to become less interested. And no one wants to play for a team with little support, a poor footballing standard and a respectably “average” pay rate.

It simply appears that only time will tell. As Glasgow Rangers ambition seems to have not wobbled, it shows that even during the toughest times, that those behind a club can come through anything. But in my opinion…I think it’s going to take a lot more than will power. Throw in a half-decent chairman, a little generous banks, and a very very wealthy investor, then you might just have a chance.


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  • Iain McGuire

    if celtic go to England and Rangers go out the game , Civil war will break ou

  • Ricky

    You’re deluded , Celtic don’t need Rangers.
    We don’t need them and we don’t want them.

    Please stop using the term ” Old Firm ” as it suggests that Celtic Football Club are in some way connected to Rangers F.C and we are not. Rangers F.C are an embarrassment to themselves only – you only need to look at the conduct of the Rangers support in Manchester compared to Celtic’s support in Seville . The demise of Rangers Football Club will be good not only for Scottish football but for Scottish society. I hear a lot of people saying that Scotland will be losing 140 years of footballing history , It will be worth it to see an end of 140 years of bigotry and hatred.

    So I for one will be sitting with my party hat on eating my jelly and ice cream because gloating is not a crime , Tax evasion on the other hand . . . . . .

  • gridrunna

    I agree with most of your post however there is a way out for Rangers the day after the Decision on big tax case go straight into liquidation and sell to one of the 6 buyers lying in wait (Brian Kennedy has already stated he would probably have no chance with his personal fortune of £3250 mill as bigger players are hovering) Then DONT TRANSFER MEMBERSHIP of SPL to new phoenix club , drop to 3rd and ask small clubs if the wish to change venues for games against Rangers increasing revenue for both ourselves and helping out the small clubs . the only downside to this would be the probable loss of the SKY/ESPN deal which shouldn’t really concern us as we would probably have to take a reduced % as part of the punishment if we were to stay in SPL along with a points deduction set at the whim of the SPL/SFA and their paymasters (simply not worth it) walk through the 3 divisions and rejoin whatever is left of a seriously demeaned SPL with a strong Financial position against greatly weakened opposition

  • billyking

    short memory knobhead.1994 celtic went out the game and came back to life under a new name and have won fuck all noteable since.the gers will be for scottish football without rangers,mon the talbot.eeka peeka

  • short strander

    Couldnt agree with you more ricky good riddance i say The vast majority of, the rangers support are not fans They are right wing thugs who need to attach themselves to s0mething and rangers fits the bill perfectly Has everybody got short memories all of a sudden What about not signing catholics for over a century, the orange jerseys , the away jerseys with the sash,andy gorams black arm band ,the black and red socks (uvf colours) the list goes on I cant wait for the demise of this sectarian institution Hopefully a new rangers will develop out of this ,one without the nazi salutes and a football club open to people of all creeds and persuasion Also to the writer does it sadden you week in week out to hear songs about certain football fans been up to their knees in your blood or asking you to go home because the famine is over Have some balls and get off the fence

  • Jay

    Celtic “went out of the game and came back with a new name”? I don’t think so! Might want to check your facts on that one!!!

  • john

    billyking, yer a PHUD……. check yer facts, sick of explaining it to you lot.

  • Brendan

    If this whole debacle is to have an effect on the hoops, then surely the hoops should be throwing some legal action at the scum, as well as the HMRC.

  • Brendan

    billy king, LMFAO @ your stupidity.

  • Brendan

    It was the severe lack of brains at inbrokes that encouraged the white knight to destroy it whilst making millions for himself. There was always a quiet word going around that Craiggy Bhoy was a hoops fan. We invite you to ‘come out’ you are a true hero to us .

  • garlar07

    billyking read the story and then think that your a joke

  • Paddybhoy

    Firstly, before posting ‘authorotative’ posts on websites the author should really do his research. RFC went into administration over a £9 million tax debt so your entire argument is obsolete and credibility is non-existent. But pretending that your ill-advised article warrants a response read on…Celtic, the SPL and Scottish society as a whole will be better off without RFC. Celtic will flourish as they will win the trophies and European entry that they deserve without being cheated out of them. Other teams in the league will be playing for prizes and at least second place and possible European football…is there 1 fan in Scotland who wouldn’t prefer this. On a societal level children will learn positive values such as fair play, honesty and good governance.

  • PB

    BillyKing you are a waster. Celtic are not a new company and still trade under the same company number as they always have. All that has changed is the name due to Fergus McCann turning the company into a PLC and having the most successfull share issue in British football history.

    McCann deposited £5Million (possibly £7M – Who cares!) in Cetic’s bank account to save the club, but there was no administration or liquidation (unlike your scum). Fergus didn’t even have control at that point, it was the Celtic Fans who called for an end to the Kelly Dynasty and forced them to leave giving McCann control.

    Us Celtic fans have something you lot don’t. The brains to see whats good for our club and the willingness to stop those at the helm ruining the club. You stood back in pure pig ignorance watching the wheels fall off and listened to all the Main Steam Media deny anything was wrong.

    You epitomise all that is wrong with your club and society in Scotland. Read some books, learn some history and stay away from sweeties you immature waste of space!

  • oneofthesons

    This is for the morons Ricky and Short Strander who obviously have very short memories.
    Cast your minds back to 1999 when your squeaky clean fans tried everything to get the game against the champions elect abandoned,by what means i ask you, only by bombarding the match officials with missiles,four fans on the pitch attacking the referee ( and not for the first time either) and at the end of the game thousands spitting on the opposition team as they try to leave the field, truly wonderfull fans eh.
    And as for seville don’t forget the stabbings.
    And what about this shortstrander character maybe he’s deaf and cannot hear the chants gloryfying terrorists who have murdered and maimed in this country.

  • short strander

    This is the for moron oneofthesons Every club has its undesirables including celtic and are honest enough to admit it, be it all a small minority The difference with rangers is your undesirables by far out number the genuine supporters In Manchester when you couldnt find anyone else to fight you fought each other As for the songs I cant hear due to my deafness ,any of these songs can be purchased in any high street music shops across Britain or Ireland eg fields of athenry ,boys of the old brigade sean south etc The sore point with you guys is that you have had it all your own way for so long you cant cant handle the fact that scotland has woken up and moved into the 21st century where your bigotry treachery and sectarianism is no longer welcome

  • oneofthesons

    Mr Moron short strander these songs you talk about is that the ones about gloryfying the killing of british soldiers and protestants.
    You people never fail to amaze me. you talk about bigotry and sectariansm,we have it here in the west of scotland, licensed sectarianism in the form of segregated schools,the day that changes,scotland changes.
    But you don’t want that do you, no you want to tell pat 5 years old that he cannot go to school with his wee pal billy,the school thats 50 yards away from his front door,he’s got to go to a school 5 miles away, your definately right about moving into the 21st century.

  • Ricky

    For Oneogthesons ,

    Catholic schools in Scotland will welcome any child , regardless of race or creed and provide them with a wonderful education.

    Feel free to send your children so they can be schooled in ethics , tolerance and charity and provided with a moral compass.

    Or you could sign them up to your local flute band where they can learn an exciting array of music including age old favouites . . . .
    The Hokey Kokey
    The Famine Song

    Now I’m off to have a go on the bouncy castle followed by jelly and ice-cream

  • Brendan

    For one of the sons.

    If I was you kid, I would get my children into one of those catholic schools ASAP. Unless you want them to end up as thick as you. I have had a great laugh at your ignorant dribble, but to be fair save your kids put them into proper education now.

  • Brendan

    To dopey bollocks oneofthehuns, read your own post you dickhead, you are describing exactly as it is. A Protestant can go to a catholic school but not the other way round.

  • oneofthesons

    Your obviously a bigger moron than your mate short strands brendan,there is no such thing as a protestant school it’s called a non denomenational school, and the fact is that non catholics are descriminated against in RC schools because they cannot be promoted.
    But if an RC is working in a non denom school he or she can go all the way to head teacher, hence the sectarian descrimination, and on your other subject i would not put my kids anywhere near RC schools or churches because i would not want thier little bodies to be tampered with, i’m sure you know what that means.

  • garlar07

    one of sons nasty boy i remember the kincora abuse scandel in n,ireland prodestant care home sadly its everywhere not just one side but hey u bigots only care about the orther sides troubles perverts are everywhere

  • shortstrander

    oneofthesons your ignorance never fails to amaze me You cant even make a constructive argument,also your reference to wee pat and wee billy shows just how your little narrow mind works Why dont you try and live outside your bigot bubble for awhile where your right wing and imperialistic views dont have the same clout as they do in the west of Scotland You wouldnt khow this peabrain but there are actuallty catholic schools outside of scotland in places like the USA and Australia where nobody seems to have a problem with them and children of any creed and colour can get an education Its only in your little corner of the world where the problem exists People like you in scotland and northern ireland are afraid of change incase it brings fairness and equality

  • oneofthesons

    Mr Thicko shortstrander the schools in u.s.a. and down under don’t operate in the same way as they do in scotland and nothern ireland.
    You don’t have to be an RC to get a job as a teacher, they would not torelate the descrimination against non RCs which is sectarian.
    Maybe your just too thick to understand what i explained in my post to brendan or maybe you want it to stay as it is, then your the bigot.
    The whole point of this is that everybody should go to the same school and these countries would be better places to live,but maybe you don’t want that eh? Schools are for education, if you want religion take your kids to church on sunday’s.

  • shortstrander

    ONEOFTHESONS I live in Australia you dense idiot I know exactly how they operate ie the same as they do in scotland and Ireland and and any place else in the world They are all governed by the same set of guidelines You really are an uneducated very ill informed sad individual I feel sorry for you because you actually think your clever and you think you what your talking Do me a favour and stick to klu klux klan sites

  • oneofthesons

    shortstrander you stupid git your obviously too thick to realise that you just admitted that RC schools are sectarian by saying they all use the same guidelines, that is if you are not an RC you cannot get promoted, i did point that out before but your obviously to dim to take it in.
    As for feeling sorry for me,don’t, because not being an RC i don’t have to worry about my kids being sexually abused by the men in the black skirts when they go to church or school.
    As i said before you are the stupid moron because you accept it.
    Don’t bother replying because i will not be reading, you admitted about the schools and thats good enough for me.

  • culcul

    “The Fields of Athenry” is an Irish folk ballad set during the Great Irish Famine (1845-1850) about a fictional man named Michael from near Athenry in County Galway who has been sentenced to transportation to Botany Bay, Australia, for stealing food for his starving family. It is a widely known and popular anthem for Irish sports supporters.

    As an Irish man and Rc i think its disgusting that songs relating to the IRA are sung at Celtic Park. I have listed the meaning and history of the FOA above. The vast majority of fans who turn up at Celtic Park for matches are plastic paddys that do not know their history and in most cases have never been to Ireland but yet claim to love the land. Each to there own but after attending many matches at Celtic Park I now detest the place. The Irish culture has a great history of ballet singers and some great songs with historical significance but to use (posted above) Sean South as an example is a disgrace. This song relates to an IRA man who tried to bomb an army barracks in Brookborough in 1957. Is it alright to sing and celebrate the actions of a thug who went out to kill indicent people? I think both sides here need to reflect and hold their head in shame. As for Rangers FC, its a pity to see this football clubs very existance threatened. Sport in this case football is played on a field with 11 players against 11. It should stay that way but always be administred correctly. Players, managers, supporters and owners come and go but the club always remains. you only need three things for any game to take place, a team, a fixture and a referee. Always remember that.

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