The Emmanuel Adebayor show

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

A certain Togo International stole the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Saturday. In what should have been Manchester City’s finest hour, has in fact, turned into the Emmanuel Adebayor show.

His embarrassing and provocative 90-yard sprint to his former employees, which sealed an impressive victory, should have been a statement of intent for his new club.

What with the scenes at Upton Park a few weeks back, you would have thought he would have learnt. Violence in football will always be a part of our game. What Adebayor did was simply unacceptable. The Arsenal fans must be praised for not causing a riot.

Not since Paulo Di Canio’s Rome derby days have I witnessed such a foolish act of self-indulgence. He didn’t just celebrate – he went out of his way to rub Arsenal’s noses in it.

After all, he was completely unknown before Mr. Wenger turned him into a 25 million player; he threw it all back in their face with a show of utter disrespect.

Adebayor blames the fans for driving him out of Arsenal; I think needs to take a steo back and look at himself first.

Coming from a player who was constantly linked with AC Milan and was even quoted saying he wanted to sign for Manchester United. After one season he even thought he was the new Thierry Henry. Wake up mate, Henry was on top of his game 8 years; legends are made over a long period of time, not one season.

He was even rewarded with a new contract, which if anything was the catalyst for his poor form. The words prima donna, petulant, selfish and stupid spring to mind.

I’ll have a little wager with anyone now, when and if Real Madrid come knocking, the same thing will happen. The man is a total mercenary, who doesn’t understand loyalty.

As for the stamp, don’t get me going, that’s for another debate.

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  • chef derek

    hes tryin right now….like he did with arsenal at the beginning………i still dont rate him tho
    his star will fade fast

  • Mike

    at last, someone who else agrees with me on this. When he signed for Arsenal he was exactly the same, chasing down every ball, he was hungry to impress. Once he started scoring goals a chip the size of mount Everest appeared on his shoulder, as the author points out he thought he was a legend after 1 season. He then became a very lazy disruptive player in the dressing room, to say he is arrogant is an understatment!

    There’s no harm in celebrating a goal but to run 90 yards and do it in front of your old fans was stupid, the man deserves everything that’s coming to him

  • bleuger

    Dry your eyes girls. 1st rule of life is that if you dish it out you have to be able to take it. If Adebayor had dropped is shorts and showed you his arse it wouldn’t have been jusification for the response of the arsenal fans. You don’t like – he doesn’t like you. Move on just you currently sound like little whinning kids. Not even going to respond to the blog itself as it doesn’t warrent a response. Absolute rubbish start to finish.

  • Mike

    That’s funny, could have sworn you replied to the blog!

    People who don’t understand the situation shouldn’t really comment to be honest.

  • Matt Quinn

    Ha! Arsenal fans are so funny. The fans were dishing it out to him all game. Apparently some of the stuff aimed at him during the warm-up was obscene. These are also the fans who declared that Adebayor wasnt trying hard enough last year (despite having a number of injuries and the whole team stuttering)… so, why cant Adebayor get his little bit of revenge. I thought the whole thing was brilliant. Made even more so by the ludicrous reaction of the Arsenal fans. God! The man celebrated in front of them… that was all. If they give it out, they should be able to take it.

    I personally am glad Adebayor gave it back to the fickle Arsenal fans. One of my worst experiences at a football match was last year during the carling cup. I went to watch the Arsenal kids at the Emirates and couldnt believe the fans. They were on the players backs (the kids) after 5mins because they hadnt scored!!!! The kids won 3-0 in the end- but there were still some fans grumbling. Terrible fans who deserved the backlash Adebayor gave them.

  • Iain

    I’m an Arsenal fan and I admit we are a bunch of idiots at times. That’s life, and it will change when our fortunes do. I was annoyed more than anything that Adebayor scored. Not too bothered that he celebrated the way he did, but it made me feel better and I justified to myself (completely illogically) that we won the moral victory. He hasn’t got much class, and Craig Bellamy must be amazed that he isn’t the biggest numpty at a club for the first time in his career!

    In the cold light of day, it was a bit of a stupid thing to do, and his boss shouldn’t be defending him the way he has. (But I know I always loved it when Wenger did it to Arsenal players, so fair dinkum)

    Much more of a concern was the fact that Arsenal were rubbish. Gael Clichy should thank Adebayor for taking the attention away from the fact he was woeful all game. Fair play to city though – they were very hungry and deserving. they might ruffle a few more feathers yet.

  • Darren

    Clichy was absolutely appalling, I’m more concerned by his performance. It’s the same old story, bossing the game, can’t close it out. That’s why the top teams have a decent defensive midfielder, that’s their job, shield the back four. Long way to go but Wenger CAN’T keep saying this team has potential.

    As for the joker, I’m bored of talking about him.

  • jimmythegent

    I wonder what his so called punishment will be, he might get a couple of games for the Van Persie scrap but I doubt he’ll get anything for celebrating. Remember Gary Neville a couple of years ago running over to the Liverpool fans kissing his shirt, a very similar scenario and all he got was a £5000 fine. I’m sure Ade will happy with that, I mean, he is so so very sorry at the mo 🙂

  • Dexylongshot

    I was going on about Ade last Easter,
    Wenger, your well rid son, well rid!

  • Doug

    Adebayor’s got an ego and is overated, of that I have no doubt. But, as said above, you can’t sing songs insulting him and his family and expect him to take it lying down. Put yourself in his shoes.

  • sof

    doug what planet are you on ? pay me 150 grand a week and you can say what you like about my family. adebayor thinks he should command the respect as an henry. respect has to be earnt, and you dont earn it by acting like a money grabbing spoilt child. you get what he is getting now for that.

  • Patrick

    I thought the celebration was top class comedy, especially the way he actually sped up into a gallop midway through. Reminded me a bit of Benny Hill except it was Toure chasing him, not scantily clad women. As for the reaction to it, I’m of the opinion that if you give it out you should be able to take it so Arsenal fans should stop whining about it.

    The other stuff that went on was a bit less funny. He’ll probably get done for the stamp which is fair enough as he did seem to flick his boot out. But if that’s the case then Van Persie should get done for the tackle that preceded it. Good game otherwise with some poor defending from Song and Clichy.

  • Darren

    you have to admire his Prestidigitation. Derren Brown would have been very proud.

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