The England players are human after all

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

England’s multi-millionaire footballers have agreed to donate their World Cup match fees to charity.

The players are set to earn £1500 per game, if they win that is. Either way, it’s a very good gesture and deserves a mention as everyone else including us, are quick to slate them when they do something wrong.

Former captain and Chelsea double winner John Terry said ‘We all agreed we are privileged to be footballers and wear the England shirt. We’re not living in a bubble, we have come from living on estates in Barking, Peckham, Manchester or wherever it may be’.

The national team started donating their fees in 2007 and have raised over £1 million in the process.

Well done boys, now do us proud and bring that World Cup back with you too!

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  • Dave

    Fair play to them.

    I believe that they shouldnt be paid to represent their country so this is a good gesture and should remain the norm for the future.

  • dexylongshot

    Totally agree, keep it coming boys, it would be nice if players donated some of their fees to grass roots as well.

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