The football association know FA! What needs to be done

by Mystical Mike

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Here are just some of the the things the FA and Premier League should do (but probably won’t) to make a serious attempt to improve our national team.

1) Reduce the size of the Premier League by 2 clubs to make it a 34 game season.

2) Exclude Premier League clubs from the Carling Cup, or Premier League clubs must play their youth sides like Arsenal do.

3) Establish a mid winter break so we fall in line with all our competitors.

4) Reform the FA itself which remains dysfunctional and unreformed years after the Burns report. It is dominated by vested interests and so riven with factions that it cannot keep its senior officers for more than 5 minutes.

5) Establish the National Centre of Excellence at Burton Abbey (at last) and make sure experienced ex professionals have a bigger say in the running of the game than the blazers.

6) Establish a workable quota system that ensures the proportion of England qualified players exceeds 50% at all clubs.

7) Find a national team manager that can communicate in English.

.8) Play players in their correct positions (basics)

How many more World Cups and European Championships must we enter exhausted and disorganised?

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  • dexylongshot

    We have to take all of these points and act now. I would happily write of the 2012 Euros (which we may struggle with) if it meant starting a fresh like we did in the cricket and like France did 16 years back, even Spain to some extent. F8ck it, why don’t we just steal Ze Germanz blue-print, look at how their young squad played as a team, a team where every player knows their position, players who know each other, play the same system in the under 21 set-up. They may not set much alight in there respective club sides (with a few exceptions, Bastian). You look at their team and say how many would get into Englands team….? not many but it is not about individuals and yesterday proved it.

  • mike

    some very good points, although reducing the Premier League won’t help. We reduced it to 18 teams a few years ago and we are still rubbish.

    Everyone knows that pace is key at international level, yet we had absolutely none what so ever.

    3 of midfield played out of position. It’s basics.

    Burton Abbey needs to be completed ASAP.

    We have to aim for the World Cup 2018, promote our under 17 side, who actually won a tournament to the under 21’s, then to the national side. I don’t care what team they play for, at least they will play as a team

  • Peza

    Chris Waddle’s comments were spot on: “The FA just sit on their backside and do nothing tournament after tournament. Why don’t they listen!? Why don’t they look at other countries and say how do they keep producing talent? We coach talent out of our players”. It’s the youth coaching that’s the problem and we can have the fanciest Centre of Excellence in the world but unless our coaching methods change the same old problems will still be there. I work for Brazilian Soccer Schools and we have been trying to change the way children are coached in this country for many years. The trouble is the FA coaching methods are ingrained into our national footballing culture and it’s very difficult to change. Hopefully now it will be looked at again but I said the same thing when we didn’t qualify for the Euro’s.

  • Mike

    good points Peza, but I’m afraid we’ve been saying this after every single tournament.

    It’s not about the coaching, although a complete overhaul would help, it’s literally a matter of playing players in their correct positions, it really is that simple!

  • Bill

    Loved point 5. Get rid of the suits and let football players run the FA!

  • dexylongshot

    Brooking, Pearce, Waddle, Hoddle, Le Tiss (Purely on pens),
    players would be queing up to get involved.

  • snudger367

    I agree with most of the points but I personally believe that you shouldn’t get paid to play for ya country it. should be a honour and pride to play for your country!! Half of them looked like they didn’t really care as long as they where getting paid!!!

  • Darren

    the problem is snudger, the players said they would donate all their winning bonuses to charity, which may well explain why they didnt give a toss

  • Peza

    Sorry Mike but it’s all about the coaching. 44 years without winning anything, not qualifying for the Euro’s and getting humiliated in this World Cup is not just about playing players out of position. We’re not comfortable enough on the ball for a start because our coaching is all stop start and and the emphasis is on playing matches. The FA coaching certificates are from the dark ages and we never learn from our mistakes. This is why the premiership is full of foreigners. I could write pages on the subject but I won’t go on because not many people listen anyway.

  • stevie

    I totally agree with Peza, problem being it will have to be a thundermental change of attitude if we our future kids will grow up learning how to control the ball with any technique, at the moment it’s all about results and winning at all costs, even if it means lumping it up to the big lanky center forward.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs but I’m afraid it’s an English disease which is now decades out of date.

  • Dave

    Just admit it, we are years behind alot of other countries regarding young talent. Even th USA manage to produce the odd decent player through their youth system.

    We are crap, fuck the Premier League as that is the route of all the problem’s.

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe after 44 years of not winning anything (and even then we were at home and had luck on our side) you can say it’s not about coaching and the simple solution is ‘playing players in their correct positions’! That’s so ignorant and if the rest of the nation were to think like that it would just mask the problem for another 4 years!

    The fact is, England doesn’t produce ‘total’ players. Joe Cole is about the closest player we have to being versatile and even he’s had his flair coached out of him. If you look at footage of him when he was young, he was going to be a world beater but the English football culture has hindered him!

    Dirk Kuyt and David Villa are playing out of position and taking it in their stride and Phillip Lahm ‘possibly the world’s best left back’ is playing at right back!

    I think we need to shift the focus off whether England can compete if the players are played in their preferred position and the whole Lampard and Gerrard debate and instead focus on why they can’t seem to adapt in the first place.

    My first port of call would be the standard of youth coaching…

  • Rich

    how much longer will this go on we will never win again until we have a dedicated england team clear of the premiership and all it demands …detatched players via the youth of this country sorry the current set-up is flawed …… we have lost our way…. David Beckham’s commitment may be the way forward over the next four years

  • stevie

    I disagree Sarah, I know you work for Soccer School and good on you, but are you telling me Greece have a better youth set up then we do? Of course not.

    It’s not being ignorant at all. The fact of the matter is, since 1996, we’ve had terrible managers who have played all the stars in the same team, and in the wrong positions at that! Glenn Hoddle was the last manager we had who played good football, under him we had a system, but the FA couldn’t handle the fact that he had slightly left field views, which is not allowed in this country!

    We all know that our coaching is the worst in Europe with 2700 qualified coaches compared with 27,000 in Germany, but I don’t believe this is the main reason why we so poor at tournaments, it’s one of the major factors yes, but it runs much deeper than that. We live in a blame nation, lose and someone has to be a scapgoat, win and we are world champions, it’s the British way, combine that with an absolutely woeful and harsh media and there are your answers!

  • stevie

    ps: David Beckham? do me a favour, the man has no charisma! He is not the answer.

    we do not want a man who will attract more attention then the team. We need some one with balls, not golden ones. The question is, who? Because I have faith in none of them

  • dexylongshot

    I read last night that Beckham’s odds of being next manager have now been cut to 16-1, what a load of pony. Half the problem, well most of the problem is the big headedness of some of our “World” beaters. Muller of Germany said that the problem with us is there are too many egos in the squad. They may be the dogs dangleys and untouchable on their own manor but when they all get put in the same team, the one-upmanship kicks in. This was highlighted on talksport last night too. The papers are today saying that the JT V Gerrard rift over captaincy was a major incident in the camp, wait to you read the papers in a fortnight, that was the tip of the iceburg (or so i am unrealibly informed from 2 different sources, 1 from Sky and the other from the same peeps who told me about the Veronnica bunk up scandal). If what I have heard turns out to be true, I f’d feel quite sympathetic towards Fabio.

    PS: I don’t want him to go, not yet.

  • Sarah

    Stevie, I disagree. It is very ignorant to say that it’s not about the coaching and it’s literally a matter of playing people in their correct positions! You’ve highlighted this by acknowledging other problems.

    My point was, it’s not that simple. Like you said, there are a lot of contributing factors, so it’s not just a case of playing people in their correct positions as Mike said.

    Lots needs to change but I still believe the first port of call should be our youth coaching system, especially as this is not something that can be done over night – it’s going to take years. There is so much wrong with it, like pro clubs picking kids up at the age of 6, coaching their individual technique out of them and teaching them to be robots (oh and then releasing them not long after and making them lose their love of football). The kids they pick are also very physical and big for their age – I don’t think Messi would have got a look in, in our system!

    Oh and I don’t know much about Greece’s youth set up… but they’ve won the Euro’s once…and done nothing else, a bit like England have won the World Cup once…and done nothing else. So no, I’m not saying it’s better at all but I don’t know if it can be much worse. However, I am saying the likes of Spain, Germany and Holland have a better system than us and their Euro record reflects this. Just like I’m saying Brazil and Argentina have a better system than us, and again, their World Cup record reflects this.

    I totally agree about your point on the media though. If we would have won we would have been World Champions and all would have been forgotten. Winning the World Cup would have been the worst thing that could have happened to English football – it would have just masked over all the problems. At least now people are starting to realise that we’re just not good enough – now that is simple!

  • Peza

    I’d also like to add that there are a lot of good coaches and forward thinking organisations in England (Brazilian soccer schools and Coerver for example). The trouble is that as soon as the players get noticed by a professional club they are grabbed, stuffed in development centres, advanced development centres, centres of excellence and academies where all the good work is undone by FA taught coaches. Not only that but the kids are forced to stop playing/training anywhere else including with the coaches that nurtured them in the first place, their local team, their school and sometimes even the district team. 99.9% then get released having missed out on a lot of quality coaching and fun with their friends. Sadly lots of them fall out of love with the game and stop playing. Meanwhile the Premier league fills up with more and more foreign players. The FA needs to change the way that the professional clubs operate (sometimes bordering on criminal!) and review our ancient coaching methods for things to improve.

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