The Future of United Looks Doomed

by Robbie Blakeley

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

United Youngsters Fail to Fill Boots

Alex Ferguson said yesterday morning that the nucleus of youngsters at his disposal, and indeed who started last night’s humiliation at the hands of West Ham United, was ‘the future of Manchester United’.

In Manchester United’s heaviest defeat for over nine years, Ferguson had selected a blend of youth and enthusiasm, with the focus falling on those youngsters aiming to fill the illustrious boots of Messrs Van der Sar, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. Not only the final score line, but the insipid performance of some of these young hopefuls, must have sent icy shivers down the Glaswegian’s back (shivers that had nothing to do with the swirling snow, I hasten to add).

The youngsters were X Factor contestants to Ferguson’s Simon Cowell, and he must have trudged off the pitch at the end wishing he could send the whole lot packing. Chris Smalling’s rise from non-league football with Maidstone United to the Theatre of Dreams and the England squad in just three years is nothing short of meteoric, but he would have benefited from two or three more seasons at Craven Cottage before heading to Old Trafford quite so early in his fledgling career.

Mark Hughes is one of the most forward thinking and brightest coaches in the English game, with a solid backroom staff behind him. Smalling would have flourished under him, playing every week instead of getting the odd game here and there when Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic are injured. His defensive partner, Jonny Evans, fared even worse last night, and was at fault for both Carlton Cole’s goals, being far too feeble in putting in a challenge on the big man.

Moving further up the field, Anderson yet again flattered to deceive in the middle of the park. The fiery Brazilian is now in his fourth year at Old Trafford and has still not established himself ahead of the evergreen Scholes in the centre of Ferguson’s midfield. He came with a huge reputation from FC Porto, a man who could apparently do everything Scholes did so well, especially those ingenious late surges into the box, as well as put in a solid tackle (for all Scholes’ talent, the art of tackling still evades him). But one goal in three and a half years tells its own story of the young player’s misery. Patience will be running out on Fergie’s watch.

But it is furthest up the pitch, in the attacking third that must make the United manager sweat so profusely. United started last night with a front three of Hernandez, Obertan and Bebe. Of the trio, only Javier Hernandez looks of an Old Trafford pedigree. Granted it is still early days, especially for Bebe, who has only been at United a matter of weeks and does not come from a footballing education, but if I were Ferguson I’d be looking for a little extra pocket money from the Glazers in January.

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  • http://Thisbullshitwebsite OhMyGod

    What a sorry fucking pop at United. It is one match and they were under so much pressure. There is so many things wrong with this article that i won’t even bother. Your a disgrace and a hater.

  • Mystical Mike

    keep your hair on OMG!!! It’s called having an opinion, you should try and get one mate, instead of slagging people off.

    I’ve been saying United have a terrible squad, they will eventually get found out

  • http://Thisbullshitwebsite OhMyGod

    But that rubbish squad is at the top of the league. You have based the youngsters off one performance. Thats stupidity.

  • Mystical Mike

    God knows how United are top, only because Arsenal & Chelsea can’t make their minds up if they actually want to win the thing!

    I’ll bet you £100 United DONT win the league this season.

  • http://Thisbullshitwebsite OhMyGod

    what bloody team do you support?

  • Red Baron

    What a pathetic article, I don’t know why I’m actually wasting my time on replying to this.

    You’re obviously not a Manchester United fan – because it’s one game and it’s in a cup that doesn’t matter.

    Do you honestly think, after decades with Fergie in charge that he would deliberately put out a second rate side if he cared about the cup? Do you? The answer is NO.

    It’s one game. And for the bell ends who put comments up how shocked they are that Manchester United are top of the league, 7-1 Blackburn ’nuff said. Chelsea who can’t even beat a newly promoted side and an Arsenal team where their middle name is inconsistency.

    Shut up and go back to your bedroom.

    I agree that some of our 2nd rate players are awful here they are;
    Evans. Kuszczak, Bebe (at least at the moment)..I have never rated O’Shea – his performance proved why he’s never cracked the first team.

    We’ll win the league and for that douche bag Mystikal Mike I’ll take up that bet.

  • http://Thisbullshitwebsite OhMyGod

    Thank you Red Baron. We WILL win the title. Red Baron i have to disagree with one thing though, i think Bebe is very talanted but just needs time to adjust to the new country, new football, new language etc.. I can see
    him being a useful player in the future

  • Mystical Mike

    I bloody support Arsenal, and I’m not stupid enough to think we’ll win the league either.

    Chelsea will win it, simple as.

    United’s squad lacks creativity, so what, u beat a very poor Blackburn side 7-1. You couldn’t beat a very poor Villa side, Fulham and got hammered by the worst team in the league.

    Long way to go but I think the runners up spot is between us and u

  • http://Thisbullshitwebsite OhMyGod

    We played the worst team in the league with basically our reserve team you mug! Blackburn are better than Wigan, yet Arsenal ONLY beat them 2-0 yesterday with 9 first team or bench players. Shows how desperate Wenger is for some silverware.

  • ForeverRovers

    Aw bless, look at the United supporters joining forces!
    No doubt you’ll be beating a path through London to the tune of Red Devil glory – that’s where you both live right?

  • Mystical Mike

    read the papers OMG, we are in the semi final, you’re not.

    It’s the only trophy you won last year! So you do the math!

  • Jon Cooper

    Remember when hansen said you wont when nothing with kids well 15 years later he is right

  • Sam Wheatley

    Manchester United are not interested in the Carling Cup. Why should they be? They’ll be firing on three fronts come March, so why bother with this competition? It’ll be a good lesson learned for some of the more inexperienced players that were fielded on Tuesday night.

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