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by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Matchday vr live poised to provide unheard-of level of detail to football fans as new web service/app

Unique, advanced system gearing up for Kickstarter campaign utilizes analytics and data to display jaw-dropping images of on-the-ball action.

Bristol, United Kingdom – September 29, 2015
 – MatchDay VR Live (, backed by a UK-based tech guru, is a web service/app that enables football and soccer fans to watch their games virtually by displaying “on-the-ball” action via analytics and data.

As MatchDay VR Live prepares to gear up for a Kickstartercampaign to begin a public awareness project, officials representing the web service/app say the product is unique in that there are currently no other web services or apps providing this level of detail. The service is poised to be very useful particularly in the UK, as the 15:00 games are not broadcast, thus allowing the users and fans virtual access.

“My service will allow fans to watch on-the-ball action from the Barclays Premier League by using data my website converts graphically, so it can be displayed on-screen,” says MatchDay VR’s founder. “The maximum amount of players a user will see at any one time is three, being that we’re talking about on-the-ball-action, while other types of perspectives and data will be displayed, including the spot from which the goalkeeper throws the ball, how far it traveled and which player currently has control of it. The service will even show when players attempt an aerial challenge, and who won the header.”

The MatchDay VR protocol uses data that holds events which the website – located at – will convert graphically and display on-screen. The service/app’s premier feature will be its ability to display where a certain striker or player made a goal attempt, and approximately where the goal was scored.

As an avid football and soccer fan, MatchDay VR’s founder has been ramping up this project for four years, remaining dedicated to providing a way to watch games easily and legally on any device. Visitors to the MatchDay website can register to receive notifications regarding the service’s Kickstarter campaign.

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