The future was bright sparky

by Charlie Coffey

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

First of all I have to point out that Mark Hughes is yet to thank me for my tactical breakdown of how to beat Chelsea on Friday. Maybe he has my old number or something. Did my first blog predict or cause the future? Probably both…

Suddenly the fickle writers have changed their minds again. Chelsea aren’t untouchable after all. After beating them 2-1 on Saturday Mark Hughes is now a technical genius rather than a managerial failure living on borrowed time. No wonder many of the footballers that can read a newspaper don’t bother.

As a United fan, I wanted City to win at the weekend to reduce Chelsea’s lead at the top of the table. However I will no doubt be told by my City supporting friends and colleagues that their dry patch is over now, and that the consecutive wins against Arsenal then Chelsea spells the beginning of a glorious run of form as they march to the top of the table.

I will answer them, honestly, with the opinion that they don’t yet have the grit and spirit as a team to grind out win after win; the kind of winning mentality that can squeeze three points out of a game in which your team fails to perform. The performances of the last week were impressive but Hughes’ players must get as motivated against the smaller sides as they have been against ‘big four’ teams.

Carlos Tevez has that quality, and is beginning to show the sort of form in front of goal that he lacked at United. While Emmanuel Adebayor’s early season form was exceptional it now seems like it is the all-hunchback partnership of Tevez and Craig Bellamy (either through the centre or on the left) that seems to be literally striking fear into defenders.

The sight of these two hideous beasts lumbering towards you, their beady eyes hidden somewhere deep in the stumps between their shoulder blades, is quite a frightening prospect. Then if that wasn’t bad enough big Joleon Lescott limps up for corners, dragging his knuckles behind him. It must look like the bar in Star Wars.

It has been rumoured that another man that wouldn’t look out of place in said bar, Ruud van Nistelrooy, may sign for Arsenal in January. As much as van Nistelrooy and Arsenal have fallen out in the past, most of the involved players, Keown, Adams, Vieira et al. have long gone. If Ruud does sign for Arsenal he’ll find a talented group of young players who will respect his experience and goal-scoring record. If there’s one man to turn pretty football into goals it’s Ruud van Nistelrooy, despite his advancing years.

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  • dexylongshot

    Still not sure on Man City romping it, i’m still of the opinion they will be in a Europa position come May, then again, I said Liverpool would win the title too. I still think it will be the same old big 4 at the end of it all.

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