The greatest of his generation?

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

It’s easy to slate him, loath him and to wish he had gone to sunny Madrid last season. The truth is, is that he is the finest player of his generation, whose pace, skill, determination, strength and downright unpredictability has endured himself to the Premier League for years to come.

That’s right; I’m talking about Christiano Ronaldo, the self confessed “playboy” and self pampered” footballer of the most financially decadent league of all time.

I urge you to forget the Ronaldo who called himself “a slave”- surely taken out of context (journalists do this best!) and the Ronaldo who winked at his coach after helping send off his Utd team mate at Euro 2004. He’s cheeky, difficult, annoying and petulant but what did you expect from someone who earns £170,000 a week? I think it’s fair to expect some sort of personality change from somebody who enjoys such an intense media spotlight, and inflated wages to match.

 As most people will find, you become a different person when you enter the pitch and play a game of football. Even playing in the park changes my whole personality; from being a laid back, quite passive person in real life, I become a fiery character; one who contests every decision- who will do almost anything to win. It’s probably one of the most attractive things about football- the ability to loose oneself in the game.
Imagine being watched by 72,000 people every week as well as millions around the world- you would most certainly become self aware. 
He has dealt well with the pressure, and has admittedly acted like a prima-donna, but he does play at the “Theatre Of Dreams”. It would be slightly wrong to not treat the game as a stage; or indeed entertainment.

And as for celebrating with Paris Hilton in LA following his world record breaking move to his dream club Real Madrid, this is simply an indulgent publicity stunt- simply linking the two most famous people in the world in a sort of dollar fuelled embrace.

This guy lives life to the full- and really doesn’t care what people think of him. Get used to him!

Ronaldo’s interview after his wonder goal against Porto this year was confident, hilarious, and actually spot on. Journalists want him to build himself up in front of the camera, but more times than not, he shuns the big lines and arrogant gestures- simply talking about the team instead of himself.

As Florentino Perez- the Real Madrid  president has said  “the most expensive things are the cheapest”. With Ronaldo’s marketability without question the strongest in the world (World Player and European Player of the Year) he looks good to repay most of the money that Real will invest in him.

Just don’t break a leg Christiano.

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  • James

    there’s no denying The Winker is a class player, but 2 seasons don’t make a legend. Henry did what he was doing for 7 consistent seasons, now that is what you call a legend!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I’m not sure he and Paris are the 2 most famous people in the world! Bear in mind that 99% of Americans won’t have a clue who he is! A publicity stunt no doubt, but surely to try and give him a profile over there! Currently her BBF is better known to the septics….

  • Darren

    even if it was a publicity stunt it shows exactly the kind of person he is. He typifies everything that is wrong with modern day footballers. Air head meets air head, highly embarrassing!

  • dexylongshot

    Everyone knows my thoughts on him, I don’t even rate Paris looks wise, pencil nose Paris.

  • Matt Quinn

    Hes certainly in top 5 players of his generation… but no higher than that. I think he will be found out in Spain. 15 goals a season max.

    I quite like Paris Hilton. I think we’d get on well.

  • Darren

    he will get away with falling over more in Spain, he will be able to con the refs more.

    As for Paris, did anyone watch that terrible program? Her BBF or something? Simply awful, she has no sense of humor! One of the UKFF girls was on it, it’s a launch pad for all our girls!

  • dexylongshot

    We’re a launch pad for Paris!
    Ronny might do ok free-kick wise over there, he’ll probably get 5 chances a game. Going back the last 10 years, who would you say were the best 5 players.


  • Darren

    Rivaldo? No chance, he’s famous for one thing and thats faking that injury!

    What about
    Van Misstletoe
    Ronaldo 1

  • Matt Quinn

    My favourite players from last 10 years:

    Ronaldo 1 (when fit)

  • Mike

    9 goals in his first 7 games at Madrid- he is class!

  • Stevie

    it’s true to say, he is a truly sensational player. Any fool that says United aren’t missing him are in total denial.

    Mind Barca are still the team to beat! Unbeaten thus far, unlike Madrid who lost 2-1 at Seville

  • dexylongshot

    Poor old Madrid, I really want them to win f’all.

    You can’t disagree with Mike, He is class.

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