The Irons pay penalty for referee shocker

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Battersea Ironside 1 Weston Green Sports 2

An absolutely dreadful and admitted ( by the ref -post match ) mistake saw Weston Green Sports awarded a late penalty to steal a 2-1 and undeserved win vs the Ironsides.

Weston Green Sports are considered the ” Chelsea” of the league – destroying most before them and there are undoubtedly a talented, well organised side. However, with the Ironsides matching them every step of the way, they soon turned nasty and it was a pity that the only decision of note saw a penalty that snubbed out a well deserved equaliser by Badhia that was nicely set up by Claudio.

It marked a solid second half comeback after a defensive mix up between the Keeper and an Ironsides defender, gifted Weston Green a lead. It is a fact that teams rarely score against them, so the Ironsides equaliser was hard fought for. With a bit of luck Badhia could have grabbed an earlier goal with his spectacular overhead going wide.

Irons robbed

In a game of rare chances, Ironsides may have lost but the quality of the performance demonstrated the new side is gradually finding its feet and now needs the luck that well and truly has deserted it off late on and off the field.

Notes from Maddy the manager

My days oh my days – Its bad enough you having points stolen from you by bad Referees decision but an off the field decision to deduct 6 pts from my side because of an illegal player is devastating.

We will appeal based on two simple facts – 1 –the player was registered by the league who should have spotted this unintended dual registration ) 2 – if we were trying to cheat as the decision implies, why would we play the offending player against the side who claimed to have his registration ( totally unknown to us ) ?

This madness may fall on death ears but we will take this to the County and I tell you this, I have not ruled out court action either – I am serious. It is about the doctrine of reasonable expectation and if I don’t get justice – I may well just prove that doctrine.

So watch this space – UK Football Finder Readers – your sponsored team is fighting back.

Till next time

Ewemade “ more F******* angry than Kinnear” Orobator

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  • Darren

    Good game to watch, plenty of crunching tackles, they were there for the taking, I can’t see how they have only lost once in a year. They were organised but nothing special, the ref was a comedy character in that he thought he was South London gangster!

    If you want an easy win for morale give us a game, we got battered 7-0, 3 of my best players didn’t show, no text, nothing, how annoying is that!!

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