The League Cup; It’s Snow Longer A Joke

by Luke McGee

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I am being absolutely sincere when I tell you that this season, I believe the Carling cup to be a more important tournament than the FA cup, and over the next 400 words or so, I’ll tell you for why…

Personally, I find both of the domestic cup tournaments now of equal significance, in that at the end of each tournament you have 1 cup that is decided in a final at Wembley. I also believe that there is only a need for one domestic cup, and as it stands I would prefer that to be the League cup.

The FA cup used to be a tournament that I cared about, but these days I find it clutters up the important part of the season.

The new year, when the “big” sides finally make an appearance in the FA is traditionally when each division starts to really “hot up” and get exciting. As a result you find these “bigger” sides fielding weaker teams against their opposition, the exact same criticism so often placed at the doorstep of the League cup. Put a bookmark down there, I want to come back to this “weaker” team complaint that some people have.

Conversely, by the time January rolls around, the League cup is pretty much done and dusted, allowing managers time to concentrate on their most important objectives for the season; winning leagues, securing top table finishes, promotion, relegation, European tournaments (yes, I am saying that European tournaments are more important than domestic ones).

The entire competition will be over with before March, which is a fantastic time to have a cup final. The end of the season is chaotic enough without a meaningless cup final to clutter up every one’s diaries. Half way through the season is an ideal time to hold this spectacular event.

This season’s League cup has seen two marvelous local derbies, 3 fantastic upsets and going into the semi-final stage has a top 4 favourite and a Championship underdog, who it has just been announced will face each other. Marvellous!

I’d like to come back to the criticism touched on earlier, when the bigger teams send out a weaker team full of youth players. Well, of course this is a bit annoying, however, it’s not really any different to a manager giving his team a bit of a shuffle in a league game. I rather enjoying seeing younger players that are coming through each team’s youth academy, and I don’t believe for a second that any manager sends out younger players unless he’s sure they can get a result.
Besides, this problem would go away permanently, were there only one domestic cup, forcing managers to take it seriously.

I’m already dreading the next round of the FA cup. Would you really miss it if it went away forever?

*Sincere apologies for the crap joke in the blog title*

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  • Mystical Mike

    as an Arsenal fan I fully agree with everything you have said.

    I think the fact that we desperately need to win a trophy apart from the Ladies FA Cup & League double, has made us and the competition better for it.

  • Chris

    I agree that having just one domestic cup would be preferable although I’m not sure that the 700 or so teams that can enter the FA cup but not the League Cup would agree on which competition would be best to keep!

  • Dexylongshot

    Got my tick for the semi so for this season it is the greatest cup final on the planet. Coyi’s!!!!!

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