The Mourinho Mentality: Success by Any Means Necessary

by Jasveer Singh Gill

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

While most of the football world condemn last nights behaviour of Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso, the clubs supporters and players will be more assured of their teams ambitions this season than ever.

With a manager such as Jose Mourinho in charge even the most naive would have to admit that there is a strong possibility that he asked his players to clear their bookings before the knock out phase of the Champions League. It is nothing new, it happens regularly and it would be ignorant to suggest otherwise. Players sometimes get themselves a booking (or in this case two) so that they can face a suspension when it suits them and get their slates wiped clean before a crucial phase. Examples are littered everywhere – you just have to watch today’s Sky Sports News to see that.

However, the sheer brazenness of these two dismissals – both for time wasting at a time when Madrid had clearly already won the game – will leave Madrid fans and players alike with no doubt that this season under the leadership of Mourinho they will do everything (and seemingly anything) they can to win a trophy this season.

Mourinho, usually a strict disciplinarian as a manager, would not usually let two players get away with getting sent off so foolishly without admonishing them in public (remember his rant towards Joe Cole at Chelsea after a game when he thought he was being over elaborate?). On top of this, Real Madrid are usually a club that stay away from the ugly side of the beautiful game. Therefore it seems obvious that the two red cards for Ramos and Alonso were simply part of a cynical ploy by Real Madrid.

So the fact that all he did was come out and completely deny that his players would do this on purpose just makes it all the more shameless – and Mourinho could not care less. As long as his team is winning Mourinho is happy to take the flack for anything they do. Previously Mourinho has bore the brunt of the press for having teams which were seen as defensive (last seasons Champions League winners Inter Milan and his old Chelsea team). This did not affect Mourinho in the slightest, as he continued to play those teams in a style which he thought was most effective at bringing results.

Mourinho also likes to defect interest away from his team by doing something outrageous himself, such as when he named Barcelona’s starting eleven in 2005. Madrid are currently on the best run in their history, with Cristiano Ronaldo having scored 19 goals in as many games this season. Yet Mourinho is making all the headlines yet again. Whether Mourinho’s ego forces him to create a situation that will guarantee him the media spotlight or whether it is a cunning plan to free his team of press attention, either way it works out for the best for his club.

The double sending off was not just a blatant attempt to manipulate the rules of game, it was also a message. Such an obvious breach of the ‘spirit of the game’ tells the football world that Madrid, under Mourinho, have become ruthless in their pursuit of trophies. It was also a message to the fans of Real Madrid from Mourinho, telling them that he does not care about what anyone may think, he will do what is best for Real Madrid.

The negative press that Mourinho and Real Madrid will now get for their shenanigans last night will only help create the type of siege mentality that teams thrive on. This is not the first time and no doubt it will not be the last time that Mourinho is surrounded in controversy. It will also not be the last time that Mourinho is in charge of one of the best teams in the world.

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  • Stranger

    “On top of this, Real Madrid are usually a club that stay away from the ugly side of the beautiful game. ”

    EPIC!!! LOL! hm…that was a joke, right?

  • Mystical Mike

    We need him at arsenal !

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