The name’s Zaki….Amr Zaki

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Bargain of the season?

In a week when the whole world is going Bond mad, I’d like to draw attention to my favourite Bond line ever from You Only Live Twice.

Tanaka: Do you like Japanese sake, Mr. Bond, or would you prefer vodka martini? _
James 007 Bond: Oh no, I like sake. Especially when it’s served at the correct temperature, 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit, like this is. _
Tanaka: For a European, you are exceptionally cultivated.
Now I’m gonna change it slightly for a Premiership audience:
Geoff Shreeves: Do you like Egyptian Zaki, Brucie, or would you prefer Javi Martínez?

Steve (Double Nose Heaven) Bruce: Oh no, I like Zaki. Especially when he serves up a goals ratio of 0.88 a game, like he is. _
Geoff Shreeves: For an Egyptian, he is exceptionally goal related.

Ok, that was very sad but not as sad as Brucie will be when Amr Zaki finishes his loan move at the end of the season from Cairo’s Zamalek. I doubt he’ll be legging it back to the land of Pharaohs in a hurry, not with dozens of clubs all over Europe queuing up for the Egyptians signature. At 25 he will be hitting his peak in the coming seasons and Bruce must be sick he didn’t tie him down for the reported £7.25 mill in the summer. The player is sheer class and was FIFAs best striker in the World last year statistically with a pant wetting 2 goals per game at international level. Of course none of this should be new news to original readers of the Den, I was tipping him for stardom when I was watching the Egyptian success (as predicted at 19-1!) in the African Cup of Nations at the start of the year.

Look what I predicted for Wigan at the start of this campaign. (Where’s my trumpet).

His brilliant 4 goal performances in Ghana hadn’t gone unnoticed either with him short-listed as African footballer of the Year (after shooting the Pharaohs to two titles on the bounce) along with Egypt’s other outstanding striker Aboutrika plus The Drog, Essian and Adebayor. I’m just surprised some of the bigger teams with scouts all over the globe didn’t single out him earlier; his build and physical presence are ideally suited to the rough and tumble of the Premiership. Maybe it was because the player they call The Egyptian Gladiator didn’t settle at Lokomotiv Moscow after bringing home the bacon in 2006, which put clubs off. Would be suitors were rumoured to be Bolton and Newcastle back then but no one approached him. Well it didn’t put me of him at the start of the season, I even pointed him out to my old man when we were discussing Fantasy football bargains before I spunked my load on Torres and Defoe. It didn’t put of Brucie either, with him embarking on a 007 secret scouting mission around the world to see his target in action in Cairo and the ACN. Since then, he has hit 8 for Wigan and doesn’t look like stopping. He fancies himself as a bit of movie star to boot an all. He was tied to a chair very Casino Royale style for some low budget Egyptian comedy in the summer (bet that was real blockbuster). Bruce will also be hoping to tie him down to a new deal at the end of the season but I think Agent Zaki will escape and head towards Champions League football next year. Good luck to him.

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  • Stevie

    Bargain of the season for sure!!

    He’ll be a Liverpool player come Jan

  • sol

    you wish

  • Danny Brothers

    Delighted with Zaki after adding him to my dream team! Surprising that Wigan are down the bottom of the table with the players they have.

  • Darren

    i bet no one had him from day one though!! He’s well cheap, scores goals and take pens, a must for anything fantasy league team!

  • dexylongshot

    I told you, he’s the nuts, i saw him for Egypt and he was the best player on the pitch buy a mile.
    I reckon he’ll hit 20 prem goals barring injury no probs. Another fantasy barg is Delap, i’m putting a blog on about him next week.

  • Stevie

    Ronaldo is a good fantasy league player, I bet no one has him in their side

  • dexylongshot

    If your looking for the next big cheapy machine, get on Rapheal, he’s getting the nod over Neville and Wes and will probably get the odd goal like that beauty at the weekend.

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