The new Zindane – Age 6

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Remember this name

My old scouting mate Philbert McTavish reckons he has spotted the next world superstar, all be it on YouTube. Algerian-born Madin Mohammed age 6, has been hailed the new Zinedine Zidane after showing his “superb” skills on the website.

This kid is so good that Chelsea and Real Madrid are following his progress.

My mind races back to a certain Jermaine Pennant age 15 who Arsenal paid a record fee for as a teenager. Still, old Madin does look mustard so watch this space!


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  • Darren

    is that Matt Quinn?

  • Jay

    he’s got 1 trick! He does the same one 18 times. Still, not bad though…

  • tef1on

    He’s 6 years old…!!! He must be so alert… £10 says he’ll play in the premiership in the next 15 years

  • Jamie Farrier

    Incredible talent, but needs to be taken care of well. Exhibit A of such amazing potential go to waste is Sonny Pike, who was destined to be a world star after being spotted at a similar age. He signed a youth contract for Ajax but the enormous pressure on him ended with him suffering a mental breakdown and his parents ended up divorcing. As a result he ended up failing to play a single top-flight game. If they want this kid to ever make the top, they need to make sure they treat him well and don’t mess his mind up.

  • Dexy Longshot

    Freddie Adu, what ever happened to him? Didn’t he play for his country when he was like 14?

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