The Premier League needs you!

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

My beloved Everton team are heading to Wembley for the first time since 1995, we were underdogs then and won, let’s hope history repeats itself…

The topic, which is very apt being the end of the season, is transfers, notably the next lot of foreign contingent that will entertain us next season. Manchester City have already been linked to some of Europe’s big names, and that will continue over the coming months. So, I’d like to know who we would like to see grace our Premier League turf next season, it doesn’t matter where they are from. They can be a wonderkid, midfield maestro, defensive rock, or just someone with a personality that will light up our league once more next season. Why not include a manger in there too. Personally I’d like to see Jose back, but after signing his new contract I can’t see that happening…

A complete starting 11, including a Manager/Coach from you all would be great.

For me, I’d go for:

Manager: Jose Mourinho

GK – Buffon
D – Philipp Lahm
D – Sergio Ramos
D – Thomas Vermaelen
D – Daniel Alves
M – Andres Iniesta
M – Kaka
M – David Silva
S – Lionel Messi
S – David Villa
S – Karim Benzema

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  • Darren

    Valdes, Puyol, Toure Yaya, Pique, Sylvinho, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta (Pedrito 90), Messi, Eto’o, Henry

    say no more

  • Tef1on

    I heard Sergio Ramos is leaving Real Madrid wonder where he’ll go?

    I’d love to see if Ribery could handle the premiership… so much hype about him but he plays in a sub-par league. Yaya Toure is another… Teaming him up with Kolo at Arsenal would be a great move.

    As for a striker… I’m really not sure, you see week in week out the quality of the premiership forwards, I honestly dont think David Villa would be as successful as Torres. Saying that no strikers you have not mentioned really excite me at the moment. As long as Luca toni stays away from Arsenal I don’t really mind who comes in!

  • dexylongshot

    GK – Casillas
    D – Yuri Zhirkov
    D – Pepe
    D – Marco Materazzi
    D – Daniel Alves
    M – Andres Iniesta
    M – Xavi
    M – Ribery
    M – Schweinstieger (Purely for comedy value) or Podolski
    S – David Villa
    S – Lionel Messi

  • Darren

    Secret Ray and Wally Ramjet would do a turn in the PL!

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