The Premier League Sing Along – Part 1

by James Baker

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Last season, I wrote a piece that attributed a song to each Premier League team that reflected their current status or something that was going on at the club at the time. At the risk of going over old ground, I thought I would update the songs for the teams in this years Premiership with my current musings. Just to give you a flavour of some of my songs from last year we had Blowin’ in the Wind for Hull’s chances of staying up, Stoke were Livin’ on a Prayer and Bolton had the Ramones, I wanna be sedated! Well at least I was right about Bolton! Here we go again pop pickers.

I was terribly unfair on the Trotters last year and gave them the song I Wanna be Sedated, by The Ramones. However, the football they are playing this year seems to be a little better. Why do Bolton fans hate Gary Megson so much? He seems to have done a pretty good job up there and they can hardly complain about the style of football after Big Sam. So for the Bolton fans, Hate Everything About You, Ugly Kid Joe!

They defied the odds last season and stayed up but can they do it again? The manager is under particular scrutiny at the moment and is probably feeling Where Did All the Love Go, Kasabian. He really seems to be a dead man walking and doesn’t know if he is coming or going. Phil Brown is Nowhere Man, The Beatles.

West Ham
My happy Hammers are not so happy at the moment. The little Italian maestro Zola is sending out plenty of Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys but there doesn’t seem to be much joy around at the Boleyn at the moment. With the clubs debts catching up with them and a poor start to the season, the owners are under intense pressure to recoup some money. There is a genuine feeling that in the January window Everything Must Go, The Manic Street Preachers!

Hungry Like the Wolf, Duran Duran. They maybe hungry but they haven’t picked up too many points so far this season. Will they be one of the teams to be heading Down, Down by Status Quo?

They have had an awful start to the season but seem to be improving. We are going back to the 80’s for the chaps from Fratton Park. Yazz and the Plastic Population, The Only Way is Up. That isn’t true, actually. They could stay there for the season and go down but you know what I mean!

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  • Mike

    Ha ha good stuff! May I suggest “The Kids Are Alright” by The Who for Arsenal, and “Old Man” by Neil Young for Chelsea!

  • jimmythegent

    We should have a song for France. I should be so lucky.

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