The return of One Nil To The Arsenal?

by admin

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

If Arsene Wenger’s men haven’t been winning trophies in the last six years, at least they’ve been doing it in style, right? As an ardent Arsenal fan, I have always had faith in the club’s philosophy and the fluidity in which we play our football. Although many have more than criticised the club for the empty trophy cabinet and the lack of summer spending, we have always received heaps of praise for our entertaining football, even if it has become slightly patronising recently.

I have always argued that our wonderful open football will reap the rewards it deserves, but maybe life isn’t that dandy after all. Maybe I have been clutching at straws all these years? I have surprised myself in the last two weeks, quite possibly because of the 8-2 embarrassment we received at the hands of United, but I found myself enjoying every minute of the more negative, organised, passionate, counter-attacking Arsenal. It seemed, from where I was sitting, every player wearing that red and white shirt wanted to play for the club. I mean, isn’t that what every loyal supporter wants from their players?

We could quite possibly see a completely new Arsenal from now on. Obviously the departures of Cesc and Nasri have weakened the team in an attacking sense, but from a defensive stand point, the Gunners do look more organised and willing to defend a lead, albeit riding their luck at times. Arteta, although blessed with creative and technical abilities, will not be bullied away at Stoke or Chelsea (where Cesc was at times) and will undoubtedly give us more steel in the middle of the park. Mertesacker another, whose height and experience will add solidity to the heart of the  back four.

Based on the last two games, especially away at Dortmund, it seems the Gunners are going to deploy a much more compact and organised side, and maybe use Walcott, Gervinho, Arshavin, Benayoun and RVP as counter-attacking threats.

I may have got this completely wrong and it could just be that Arsenal are struggling to create in the final third or felt they needed to play negatively against a talented German side, but I am convinced that Arsene Wenger is finally addressing his defensive problems, both at the back and in midfield. It might be wise from the Frenchman, especially after losing his two most creative influences.

Only time will tell if Arsenal have actually changed their approach, but if that is the case, I’m more than willing to swap the “good football” for clean sheets and one nil wins, if it means the six-year drought will come to an end.

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  • paul

    I agree, it was a great team performance. I’d like to see Wenger use two holding players in Song & Pingpong. With Gev & Theo on the wings and Arteta behind RVP.

    We have looked more solid in the last weeks, mainly thanks to our brilliant young keeper who has literally saved us 20m!

  • Dexylongshot

    Mmmm, pity he wasn’t so brilliant at weekend, 4 goals to Blackburn, ouch. Mertaslower was pathetic. Why wasn’t he actually marking Samba, he was just doing the zonal thing and watched everything fly past him. Bad buy, i thought at least he would be a good option at defending set pieces but he’s getting worse with every game.

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