The secret to winning the 2026 World Cup bid…

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Monday, December 6th, 2010

It’s clear the best bid on paper will never win. And nor should it.

But why did England do so badly and how can they guarantee they host the World Cup in 2026?

England’s one additional vote is the embarrassing equivalent of ‘Nil Point’ at Eurovision. Yes, our bid was reduced to the level of Jemini. Ouch. If you don’t remember how bad they were, or you’re a Sadist, click here. I thought that was the most embarrassing time in our Countries great and glorious past, until last week.

The solution is simple once you understand the possible method behind the madness. FIFA don’t appear to want a host country who has their act together, they want a ‘work in progress’, and when Sheriff Blatter rolls into town, everything gets a little bit better. Kind of like The Candyman off Willy Wonka.

Basically, England lost out by appearing to be better than the rest. Maybe we came over as pompous, arrogant, self-confident and we needed to be brought down a peg or ten. We were too polished, too prepared, too good for our own good.

The thing is, football in this country isn’t all about the bright lights and the big names. Scrape away the thin top layer of cream and you’re left with the spongy bulk of our beautiful game that deserves more attention. Put the Championship, League One and League Two under the FIFA spotlight and a struggling club near you could be hosting the Medical Workshop or even the Confederations Cup draw.

Our 2018 bid appeared to slum it for a while Milton Keynes but I’ve been there recently and they’ve tidied it up a bit. We should have includes, sadly, more clubs like Plymouth, who would have loved money generated by the World Cup. By the way, the Plymouth Argyle fans are amazing and have set up their own trust. Fans, doing what fans do best, getting behind their club. To find out more and to support their efforts, even if you work for FIFA, click here.

The secret lies just under the skin of the Premiership. Take the FIFA recon squad (or whatever they’re called) to Preston, Scunthorpe and Hull… They’ll sign the tournament over to England on the spot!

Open your eyes next time, it could make a whole world of difference to the 2026 bid.

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  • John from Live Football

    The comparison with the Eurovision Song Contest is an interesting one – as it’s rarely the best song that wins.. but the most popular country (paying particular regard to who you can get to promise to vote for you no matter what your song/routine/world cup bid sounds/looks like)

    It was never about putting in the best bid, or the best presentation, or flying the future King over to Brussels.. It was a popularity contest. And we’re just not very popular.

    We made a lot of fanfare about how England 2018 would be the “safest” choice, but Sepp and co. keep harping on about the “legacy” they want to leave behind – and showing them around the Emirates or Old Trafford doesn’t do anything to show them the legacy they *could* have left behind.

    Show them the half-closed main stand at Home Park, complete with potholed carpark and motorway that runs out 40 miles before you get there. Show them a club that is on it’s knees, one that could potentially be wound up tomorrow because it owes the taxman the equivalent of three weeks wages for Wayne Rooney.

    That’s the “lasting legacy” that we failed to present Fifa with – I’m not saying that’s why we didn’t get the votes, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a big factor.

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