The Sexy Football league season 1 results

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

It’s the game that everyone has been talking about, the SFL, 20 teams, 20 stunning girls, the chance to get your team to the top of the league by playing beautiful football. There’s no talk of the big four in the SFL!

It’s been a great 1st season with our very addictive game being played over 700,000 times!

Everton are crowned champions represented by the lovely Kerry Humpries, a season ticket holder at Goodison Park. Arsenal represented by the gorgeous Hayley Fendell beat London rivals Chelsea and Fulham to finish as runners up.



League Champions



Kerry Humphries





Business Support Manager for a leading commercial bank

Fav player

Andy Johnson

Best game

I have got two best games. The first best game for me from last season was Newcastle away, it was a great day out with a great bunch of mates. The weather was hot and the atmosphere was amazing. Even though we got beat 3 – 2 it was a wicked away day.

My second best game of last season was the home leg of the Fiorentina tie, I had been to Italy to watch the away leg, and as other Evertonians who went will know, it was a terrible match and the way we were treated over there was horrible. Again even though we went out on pens in the home leg, it was the most powerful, emotionally charged game I have ever, ever been to. I didn’t come away from that game gutted about going out of the Uefa cup, I came away proud. Proud of how the blues had played. As a supporter I couldn’t of asked for more from them that night.

Finest hour

My finest hour is easy to remember. Last season at Anfield at the away derby. My boyfriend and I had spent many hours making our own flag to take with us. It was massive and bore the words “Everton FC welcome all Liverpool fans to Merseyside”. We had been tipped off beforehand that the stewards would remove all banners when entering the away end, which they were doing. Incredibly we got it in and unveiled it with 5 minutes to go before kick off. It had a massive impact throughout the ground, although what we were not aware of was of the impact it was having elsewhere! It was featured live on TV with the commentators making reference to it using the words ” brilliant scouse humour “. I had texts flooding in saying it was all over the TV. Then later that same night it was featured on BBC news. It was in the paper the next day and all over the Internet. It even claimed “banner of the week” spot on the BBC website.


What would it mean to be crowned Miss UKFF 2009

It would mean the absolute world to me to be crowned Miss UKFF 2009. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I have got from fellow blues. It really does show just how passionate and dedicated Everton fans are. Everton FC is a massive part of my life and to win this would be my way of giving something back to the club that has given me so much. I’m doing this for the mighty blues and all its loyal fans! NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM!



Runners up



Hayley Fendell





Cagefighting trophy girl & bikini model

Fav player

Cesc Fagregas

Best game

2-0 win in AC Milan, best performance by an English team ever

Finest hour

I did a bungy jump in Thailand

What would it mean to be crowned Miss UKFF 2009

I would like to win as I want to make my team and supporters proud and it would be a honour.



To view the final league table click here


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  • Tezz

    I’m a Hammer so I hope the sexy footy comp isn’t a premonition.

    Nice to see two very different looking girls that actually support their teams and seem to know a lot about them too.

    Well done girls, very cute too.


  • Safin

    Get in der, go on the gunners, mash up the league, she’s well fit man, get me a date wid her

  • Markr1

    Nice one kerry – a blue through and through.

    Now hows about that date?

  • Darren

    well done Kerry and thanks to all the Blues who supported you.

    Well done to Hayley too who thought off a brave challenge from Chelsea (Brandy Brewer), Fulham (Karly Arber) and West Brom (Sophie Wright).

    So Everton’s 1st trophy of the season!! SFL Champions 2008

  • dave

    all i will say is that the sexy football league brightens up my working day!!! lets get a sexy football champions league

  • Stevie

    it brightens up my day too, I wouldn’t mind dating a few of them. How do we get to meet them.

    I was a big fan of the West Brom one, she’s lovely, gorgeous lack hair with sultry looks.

  • dave

    i dont think we do get to meet them which is a shame but they are very nice to look at.
    downloadable posters would be a nice touch.

  • grizzler

    As it should be! Blues on top and the reds on the bottom!

  • Markr1

    I told you to enter that competition Kerry, I knew you could win it.

    Good luck with it all

  • dexylongshot

    Well done to all the girls who entered and congrats to Kerry & Hayley, both belters i think you’ll agree and real footy fans to boot, does it get better than that!
    Remember the new league kicks of soon!!!

  • Born not Manufactured

    Well done girls, nice to see that that lot from Analfield are so hated except in Norway of course

  • dexylongshot

    Remember boys, the new league has begun and Everton are in the lead again with Blackburn and Chelsea bring up the rear. Get playing!!!

  • Paul

    well done to the girls, big up for the Evertonians for voting in massive numbers, im a Celtic fan but have to say we hate liverpool so glad they finished bottom and the blues top.

  • julie

    well done kerry i hope you mean thanks to all the blues even if it is sky blue as well congratulations you deserve this

  • Rangers

    Well done to the Everton Fans and Kerry, won it by a mile, All the best from the people to the people, nice to see the real scouse crack in the banner, i work on merseyside now and then and i have to say the amount of Evertonians you meet is staggering, they are a real sleeping giant,All the best from Glasgow Rangers,

    lol at the 2 red crap bottom lol

  • steve G

    Well done!! Sexy Hayley Fendell, we wanna see more of her 😉

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