The ships sinking Captain… time for you to go!

by Teflon

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks most of the articles here have been on Manchester City’s spending power, Arsenals selling power, or how there is or isn’t any loyalty in the game of football anymore. I’ve sat at home this week with swine flu looking for something to write about which didn’t involve a top four club or a wanna be top four club.

Back when I was a kid Steve Bruce was United’s captain, he was a rock of a centre back and well… was a bit chubby. Today Steve Bruce is more than a bit chubby and he is still trying to find his feet in the world of football management. Steve has now managed 7 different clubs in 9 years, that just over 1 a season, but when you see he stayed at Birmingham City for 6 years that record looks a lot less impressive. So let’s forget Birmingham for now, they’re crap anyway… So Steve Bruce has managed 6 clubs in 3 years.

He started off at Sheffield United, at the end of his first season he failed to reach the Play-Offs and ended up throwing his teddy out of the pram and leaving, blaming the board and lack of transfer funds for his failure. Then he was snapped up by Huddesfield where Bruce stayed for just over a year but again failed to find any type of form and was soon sacked and again was soon to blame the board and the lack of transfer funds. In April 2001 Bruce was handed a chance at Wigan Athletic where he got them into the Play-Offs but fell at the first hurdle, after 2 Months in charge he quit his post to take over at Crystal Palace, and just 3 months into that job he left to take over at Birmingham City.

Right before I continue into the Birmingham Days I would like to ask now… Who in their right mind would hire a manager with such a poor record of management? And who in their right mind would hire a manager with such a poor loyalty record?

Steve Bruce started to gain Momentum while at Birmingham City (as well as gaining a few extra kilo’s) and finally won a Promotion battle in 2002. He kept the Brummie team in the Premiership for a few years but was soon to be relegated after some poor signings and poor decisions cost him too many points. In 2006 they were relegated. Birmingham bounced strait back to the Premiership in 2007 with Bruce still at the helm.

But yet again Bruce could tell when a ship was sinking and as usual he was the first to bail before it did. In November 2007 Bruce made the move back to the JJB to re-take over Wigan Athletic, again, and surprisingly… Birmingham sank back into the Championship, never recovering after Bruce left. Wigan Athletic have never really done much apart from prop up the table since Bruce has been in charge. Last winter Bruce off loaded Heskey and Palacios (Probably the best two players at the club) and also had a bust up with Egyptian on-loan striker Amir Zaki who… and lets be fair… Probably kept Wigan away from relegation all on his own. Bruce was soon jumping ship again and is now Manager of Sunderland after just over a year at Wigan.

Wigan are now in dire trouble, with the sales of Valencia, Heskey, Palacios and the departure of Zaki I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel! Wigan Athletic have sold big and with the lowest fans attendance in the Premiership Wigan look to be struggling for money. While selling their 3 best players will bring in some much needed cash, Wigan have not spent big this summer.

New manager Roberto Martinez has it all to do. I cannot see the inexperienced Spaniard being able to keep them up this year. They are my top tip to be relegated, as their player base is not enough. They have some skilled players but let’s face it, Lee Catermole and Kris Kirkland will not keep Wigan away from the drop zone this year. I also predict Wigans relegation will be closely followed by Steve Bruce’s Sunderland… again a club in trouble and with Mr. Loyalty at the helm everything bad can happen!
Some say pigs will fly before these clubs go down… but trust me, the swines already flu!

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  • Darren

    Sunderland fans are over the moon that they have just signed darren bent! Says it all really

  • Daveyboy

    Pompey have signed Eugiene Bopp, who the F**K is he??????

    I wouldve been happy with Darren Bent at least he knows how to score

  • James Webb

    Eugene Bopp Forest reject !

  • Darren

    Bopp is the new papa Bupa diop, Pompey savior!

  • dexylongshot

    bopp du bop bop, That’s the tune at the end of Grease, anthem!

    I reckon Brucey boy will do ok this time round with Sunderland, impressive in pre-season and Darren Bent and Kenwynne up front. That is a nice front line. I think Bent will get the goals if he gets the games. Another goals per minutes player. Sunderland top 10. MMWs.

    I’ll be giving the masses the Dexy’s Den Premiership full run-down next week pop-pickers, the climbers and the calamities. We can also take a look at how i fared last year. I was hoping to do a Championship to league 2 review but Peggy has got me doing over-time in the cafe cos of her whine-flu! Any takers???

  • Tef1on

    League 2 top tip… Barnet for Promotion with Paul Furlong as league tops scorer!

  • chef derek

    u can place aperson into its groove….where he feels comfortable…….wheres hes easy
    where the folks will take to him………………his fuckin niche

    a wee bit of success
    wil make him a fuckin hero

    brucie knows that………….and hes up fer the challenge

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